bobcat 863 issues and solution

It is common error by the bobcat 863 users while they push the tree stumps. The stumps often get stuck under the machine. The phenomenon is mainly because of the way some users approach these kinds of tasks. Most of them try to cut at an improper angle humping can cause this deep jam in the machine.

bobcat 863

Bobcat 863 fuel pump issues

I have a Bobcat 863 I bought new in 1995 and been running it on the same fuel tank until last year when I purchased a tractor with a cab and retired the 863.

I just pulled it out of hibernation and used it for a couple of days then parked it. It had no issues starting, running or any other symptoms of trouble. Now this week I went to move it to the back pasture and noticed it had trouble starting and once started would not run well at all.

I let it sit for an hour and started it again, this time it ran fine once started. This has happened several times and decided to go through all the usual suspects of things that could be causing this issue.

First I changed out the fuel filter, then replaced the spark plugs, then drained the fuel tank and refilled with fresh gas. Still having the same problem so I removed the injectors and sent them off for cleaning.

I cleaned out the injector pump, changed out all three fuel lines, installed new injectors and still having the same problem. The only thing left is the in tank electric fuel pump or a clogged line from the tank to pump from letting dirt settle over time.

Bobcat 863 lift arm and bucket does not operate smoothly

I have a Bobcat 863 skid steer. The bucket and lift arm do not operate smoothly. The bucket seems to be slow to move in either direction and the lift arm is hesitant. The bucket movement is much more pronounced than the lift arm. I’ve drained the oil from the auxiliary hydraulic system, added new oil and air-bleed it but it still does not improve.

I recently replaced the cylinder seals on the lift arm cylinder. This was about two weeks ago. I believe that one of my friends helped fill the hydraulic system after we finished with the seals and he may have overfilled it. I don’t know if this is related or not but I thought it was worth mentioning.

I also wonder if there is some kind of a filter on the hydraulic system and if so what it’s called and where it might be located? I don’t know if this helps any but when we tried to bleed out all of the air, we couldn’t get all of it out of there (if that’s even possible).

bobcat 863

Bobcat 863 Problem with the seat belts

If you have the lap belt only, it will unclip at the back of the seat onto a hook on the machine frame. There should be a catch on it to prevent it from coming off. This catch should not be able to turn through 360 degrees. If you lift it up and rotate it anti clockwise, this will release the catch from the hook and allow it to be removed.

If you have only shoulder belt, first make sure that there is nothing trapped between seat base and seat back.

Now check that the clamp on the top part of the seat back (that you can see) is moving freely up and down in its housing. It may be stuck due to dirt/dried mud/paint/rust etc between clamp and housing. Try spraying some penetrating oil (e.g WD40) into this area and work clamp up and down to try to free it up.

Bobcat 863 Radiator clogged

I have a Bobcat 863 that I bought in December, 2010. It has about 2,000 hours on it and has been a good machine so far. Until now.

I was out clearing snow when my machine quit on me. I had the engine running but the machine would not move forward or reverse. I figured it was time to buy a new machine and tried to sell this one as a parts machine. No luck! So now I have removed the radiator and found that there is no oil in the transmission or hydraulic tanks and the engine oil had very little oil in it. The engine runs fine, it just won’t move because there is no fluid in the transmission/hydraulic tank. So what does this mean?

I cleaned out the radiator and found some chucks of rubber about 1/4 inch in diameter. Now I am thinking that my radiator is clogged and not letting any fluid circulate through the system. Could this be true? How can I fix this problem?

I have looked online for information but cannot find anything on problems like this with Bobcats. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Bobcat 863 Leaking hydraulic hoses

First, you need to gain access to the hoses. Look for the hydraulic reservoir on the side of the machine’s engine compartment. You’ll see a hose running from each side of the reservoir over to a large metal tube that runs down to the bottom of the bobcat. The hoses are held in place by clamps or bands. Remove them, and lift out the old hoses.

Before you replace them, clean off all grease and oil from where they were seated. This will help your new hoses seat properly, and help prevent leaks.

Replace each hose with one of equal length and bore size. If you can’t find an exact match, buy a hose that is slightly larger than your old one, as it will contract when the machine is running and fit perfectly.

bobcat 863

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