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Bobcat 763-troubleshooting-software-bobcat_7633743291 Bobcat 763, or just 763, is a popular skid steer loader among mini excavator users. It is produced by a well-known US brand of construction equipment – Cat. If you do not want to pay for costly onsite service calls and want to handle issues yourself, we are glad to offer you our bobcat 763 troubleshooting software. Here you will find step by step instructions for solving in the shortest time feasible all sorts of issues with your 763 tractor.

bobcat 763

The bobcat 763 starts but doesn't stay on

There are generally two reasons why an engine dies after it starts: a lack of fuel or a lack of air.

The 763 is an older machine and I am sure that it has a carburetor. First thing check the fuel pump to make sure it is working. If the fuel pump is bad, you need to replace it.

If the fuel pump is good, then you will have to remove the carburetor and clean it out. Your carburetor should have 2 small ports on the bottom of it for cleaning jets. You can clean them out with carburetor cleaner and compressed air. If this does not work, then you will need to purchase a rebuild kit from your bobcat dealer and rebuild your carburetor.

The bobcat 763 won't start at all

First, be sure there’s diesel fuel in the tank. Second, make sure the battery has an adequate charge. Third, make sure the glow plugs are working. Fourth, make sure the lift arms are fully raised and locked into place. Once all that is verified and you’ve checked your trouble-shooting guidebook, you’re ready to start troubleshooting further.

Step 1: Check that the Fuel Tank is Full

First things first: If you can’t get your Bobcat 763 skid steer loader started at all, be sure that there is diesel fuel in the tank. A simple glance into the tank can tell you whether or not there is fuel present. However, if you have a full tank but still can’t get your Bobcat 763 started, move on to check the fuel level sensor.

Step 2: Check the Fuel Level Sensor

The next thing to check when you find your Bobcat 763 won’t start at all is the fuel level sensor. The easiest way to do this is with a multimeter from any electronics store like Radio Shack or Best Buy; simply unplug it from its harness and test it for continuity. If no continuity is found, replace the fuel level sensor; otherwise, move on to checking for power at the

Bobcat 763 sluggish engine with reduced power

I have a Bobcat 763 that has been working fine for me with no problems for about 6 months now. Yesterday I went to leave for a job and the machine was very sluggish off idle and had no power. After about 5-10 minutes of running it started to clear up but for the rest of the day it still seemed to have less power than normal. The machine does not throw any codes. When I got home from work I hooked the computer up to it and everything checked out ok in the computer.

I’m thinking the problem is fuel related since it started right up again this morning and seemed to run ok (still not as good as normal) but after lunch I tried starting it back up and it barely ran. As soon as I gave it some throttle it died so I left it sit until now (about an hour later) and started right back up again. It didn’t run great but was enough to move around my yard so I checked the fuel filter and bowl which were both clean with no water in them.

The bobcat 763 Fuel tank air filter clogged

This is the story of how I fixed a Bobcat 763 Skid Steer Loader that was having fuel problems. I was doing some work for a friend who has been having trouble with his Bobcat 763 Skid Steer Loader. It would run for about 5 minutes then just die like it was out of fuel.

Checked the fuel pump and that checked out ok. So I pulled the fuel tank off the skid steer and there was a lot of crap in the bottom of the tank. The screen at the end of the pickup tube was clogged up with rust, dirt, etc. There wasn’t any resistance from the check valve on the back of the pickup tube (check valve is supposed to keep fuel from draining back into the tank).

bobcat 763
bobcat 763

   The bobcat 763 has so many components, each of which is critical. It will be difficult to determine exactly what the problem is without first understanding how all these components work together and giving each a thorough inspection. If you don’t know how to conduct a proper troubleshooting, it could likely lead to a faulty conclusion and additional expenses of repairs.