bobcat t590 problems and solution

This article will help you in learning the Bobcat T590 problems and solution. The post teaches you to learn the easy and simple method of repairing the Bobcat T590. The entire article has been written in a simple and systematic way to easily understand each and every procedure of the repair. After all, you have been looking for an article that is accurate and precise at the same time.

T590 dash main display not working

I had a problem with the main display on my T590 (the one that shows hours, fuel level and other info). It went blank when I started the tractor and had no power going to it. I checked all fuses and connections to the wire harness. Everything was fine.

I called my local Case-IH dealer and the service manager told me he had this problem before on a T600 series tractor. He said it was a bad ground on one of the injectors causing feedback into the dash display. He told me to remove the wires from each injector plug one at a time until I found the bad ground (it will beep every time you remove an injector wire – just like testing a spark plug). Sure enough, it beeped when I removed one of the wires. I cleaned up the ground on that injector, put everything back together and it worked perfectly.

I am posting this for anyone else who might have this problem in the future.

T590 Seat Bar Sensor Failure

The T590 has a seat bar sensor that detects if you are sitting on the seat. The seat bar sensor is located under the seat and its sole job is to detect if you are sitting or not. If you are not sitting on the seat, it will disable the drive motors.

In my case, I would be mowing for 30 minutes or so and then all of sudden, the engine would die. When I looked down at the display, it told me to check the Seat Bar Sensor. However, I was sitting in the seat when this happened. I tried to restart by pressing down on the brake but nothing would happen because of course, as far as it knew, I wasn’t sitting in the seat.

The solution was to tap down on the seat bar sensor with a small hammer (very gently). This would cause it to reboot and suddenly, everything worked fine again. This happened repeatedly with my T590; however, I haven’t had this issue since tapping it with a hammer.

bobcat t590

T590 Bobcat alternator not charging

I have a 2017 T590 Bobcat. The other day the machine was working fine and then the battery light came on, then went off. It did this several times throughout the day. I checked the voltage coming from the alternator and it was reading about 25 volts and rising. Since then it’s been stuck at 25 volts with one exception where it dropped to 17 volts once, but quickly rose back to 25 again.

I checked the voltage coming from the battery and it’s 12 volts with the key off and seems to be charging when running (didn’t check while running). The machine starts up fine and runs fine.

I’ve never seen an alternator do this before, so I don’t know where to begin troubleshooting this issue. Any help would be appreciated!

T590 Joystick controller failure

Hello all, we’d like to share an update with you on this issue.

We have a T590 unit with the same problem. It is currently in our hardware shop and we are working on it. We’ve had a chance to assess the hardware and run some tests. It appears that the Joystick controller is failing. We’ve ordered a replacement part for the T590’s Joystick controller and will have it repaired and back in service very soon.

This issue may affect other models of equipment as well. We are currently investigating this further to see if there are other affected models, but it seems likely that other machines may be susceptible to failure as well. We will continue to post updates here as they become available.

The Bobcat T590 is an outstanding and popular machine, but it can experience some issues. We have put together a list of the most common problems, their causes and, most importantly, their solutions. If you are experiencing any of these issues, we hope this list will help you repair your Bobcat and get back to work. If you know your Bobcat inside out or have some useful information regarding a problem that isn’t listed or if you have repaired other Bobcat equipment, please share it with us. In this way we will try to be updated about the status of Bobcats all over the world.