5 Best Excavator Laser Receiver

5 Best Excavator Laser Receiver

Are you looking for a quality Excavator Laser Receiver? You’re in the right place. After hours of research and testing items, we present to you our list of the Best Excavator Laser Receiver. If you want to be familiar with the latest in the industry and know what’s going on with Excavator Laser Receiver, continue reading.

Trimble PRL-1

The Trimble PRL-1 Excavator is a GNSS receiver with a unique robotic pole design that eliminates the need for an on-board controller. The system stands up to the harsh environment of a job site and is compatible with Trimble Connected Site solutions, providing you with real-time positioning information sent directly to the excavator.

The Trimble PRL-1 Excavator system provides a fast and easy setup with plug-and-play compatibility. Simply connect the system to your Trimble Ready excavator, turn on the power and start working. With its rugged construction, the receiver will stand up to harsh environments and extreme temperatures.

With the on-board software that controls the system, you can operate in RTK or VRS networks, allowing you to get real-time positioning information to your excavator without a base station or rover on site. The PRL-1 Excavator also supports Trimble Connected Site solutions, including VisionLink and Trimble Access Field Software (TBC required).

Excavator Laser Receiver

Spectra RC601

The Spectra RC601 Excavator Laser Receiver is designed to meet the needs of excavator operators and can be used with all Spectra GL412, GL422, GL622, GL632, GL722, and GL822 laser levels. The RC601 attaches to the excavator’s boom or stick with a magnetic mount that provides a clear view of the lasers being measured.

The receiver has a large three-line display that makes it easy for operators to see the data in all light conditions. A unique high-visibility red LED helps operators rapidly locate the receiver. It also has an audible tone that can be adjusted from silent to 85dB(A).

Excavator Laser Receiver

Topcon LS-B10

The Topcon LS-B10 laser receiver is the entry-level model in the Topcon range of excavator machine control systems. It features a simple, single-button operation and a highly visible LCD display that shows data in all light conditions. The receiver is designed to be used with Topcon’s range of advanced rotating lasers but can also be used with many other brands. This makes it an excellent choice for rental companies because it can be used with a wide range of different lasers.

The LS-B10 excavator laser receiver can be used on machines such as excavators, backhoes, dozers, graders, and pavers. It will work with any machine up to 12t. This includes compact machines from manufacturers like Bobcat and Kubota.

The LS-B10 laser receiver is supplied with a universal mounting bracket and rod clamp which can be fitted in just minutes using basic tools. The bracket is made from heavy-duty steel and has been designed for rough terrain use. It has been built to withstand the knocks associated with construction sites and earthmoving operations.

Microsite mdB. one

Microsite mdB. one Excavator Laser Receiver with GPS, Dual Display and Bluetooth

The Microsite mdB. one Excavator Laser Receiver is a high-performance receiver designed for excavators and other heavy equipment used in construction, mining, and quarrying operations. The receiver operates from an internal battery that lasts for up to 45 hours and has a built-in charge indicator. It is supplied with remote control with a working range of approximately 150m, allowing the operator to adjust the sensitivity of the receiver from his cab.

The Microsite mdB. one Excavator Laser Receiver features all the modern functions you would expect from a high-quality laser receiver including Bluetooth wireless technology, GPS interface, dual display, and audio tone.

Spectra HV101QG

The Spectra HV101QG Excavator Laser Receiver is an external laser receiver that will fit excavators up to 10 tons. The HV101QG is designed for use on excavators with a quick-connect hydraulic system. The hydraulic vibrator can be turned on or off by the operator to minimize battery consumption. The receiver is attached to the arm of the machine and can be adjusted to point at the laser beam.

The receiver has an audible tone and LCD display that indicates when it is receiving a signal from the laser transmitter. The vibrator provides instant feedback to the operator, even in noisy areas. The display also shows the height of the signal above or below level.

The Spectra HV101QG has a range of 2,600 feet (800 meters) in diameter and can operate for up to 120 hours on a single charge. It comes with a 12-volt rechargeable battery and charger, as well as a 5/8-11 thread mounting bracket and hardware for attaching to the machine.

Excavator Laser Receiver

Chose laser receiver for excavator dipper

1. The first is the maximum range you can measure. This is usually a very important factor since you will use your laser receiver in various conditions and may need different distances. Some laser receivers can find a distance of up to 1,000 feet, while others can only go up to 500 feet.

2. The second is the accuracy of the laser receiver. This is closely related to the first factor because it is difficult to achieve accurate measurements at long distances. But accuracy also varies within a narrower range, and you can get much more precise readings in some laser receivers than others.

3. The third is the durability of the laser receiver. This is especially true if you are going to use it in construction sites or other harsh environments. You want to make sure that your receiver is equipped with a sturdy case and that it can withstand water and dust intrusion.

4. Finally, you want your laser receiver to be flexible for horizontal and vertical reception based on your needs. Many receivers have both functions, but some of them are limited and require additional accessories for vertical reception.

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