bobcat 763 trouble

bobcat 763 trouble codes and solution

The all new 763 bobcat trouble codes and solutions.If you are looking for bobcat 763 parts or have any questions please feel free to call 1-866-609-9876 . I am always available to assist you in any way possible, however, the first step is you must know the models of your machines. This is a list of most common trouble codes and solutions for bobcat.

bobcat 763 trouble code 00-16-03

Check the wiring to the seatbar switch and the lift switch. If those are OK then you have a bad controller, you’ll need a scanner to get the code out of it though. I’d bet that you have some wires crimped or cut somewhere on one of those switches.

bobcat 763 trouble code 00-16-66

I have a bobcat 763. It has a trouble code 00-16-66. engine light comes on and starts flashing after about 30-60 seconds. Also the oil pressure gauge goes to 0. When I shut the machine off and restart it, the light and gauge go back to normal for another 30-60 seconds then flashes and reads 0 again.

The codes are supposed to be in the operators manual but I can’t find them anywhere.

I don’t know what the code means or how to fix it. Any help would be appreciated.

bobcat 763 trouble code 03-55

Bobcat is a Doosan company. Doosan is a global leader in construction equipment, power and water solutions, engines, and engineering, proudly serving customers and communities for more than a century.

Trouble Codes 03-56 – Tachometer Or Speed Sensor Fault

Faulty sensor or shorted wire to the EPC solenoid.

Trouble Code 03-57 – Engine Overspeed Fault

Check the engine RPM value in the monitor. The engine RPM should be near the rated speed at full throttle. If it is not, check for worn or damaged governor linkages. Also check the engine speed sensor.

bobcat 763 trouble code 04-17 or 04-13

There is a switch on the right side of the seat that you must activate when opening or closing the door to shut down the engine. The seat must also be in the correct position to allow it to shut down.

On your left side of your boom there is a safety bar that has 2 switches one at each end of it. One is an emergency stop button and one is a tilt back switch, either one being pushed in will cause the machine to shut down. Make sure those are all working properly and that nothing is blocking them from moving freely.

If all of the above checks out then it’s probably time to go visit your local Bobcat dealer and have them check it out for you, if nothing else they will know how to pin point the problem for you.

low engine coolant temperature

The 763 Bobcat engine coolant temperature sensor is located under the battery tray. It has a two wire connector.

If the temp sensor is unplugged, the machine will act like it has a low system voltage fault. This is because it will not throw any code and go into limp mode. The reason for this is that there is no temp reading, therefore the ECM has nothing to base its operating temperature off of and will automatically assume your operating temperature is below 125 F.

turbo actuator fault

763 bobcat turbo actuator fault. This simple service procedure can save you a lot of time, money and frustration. I’ve seen a few 763 Bobcats with in-op turbos that didn’t need service, they just needed their actuator to be reset. Very often the turbo will quit working because the actuator is getting stuck in the closed position. This is usually caused by the shaft on the actuator getting clogged with dirt or rust.

When you have your Bobcat 763 working, go to your service menu and go to “Engine Speed”. The engine speed should read between 1,600 and 2,000 RPM’s. If it’s reading lower than this do this procedure:

1) Disconnect the battery for 10 minutes to clear any codes from memory

2) Reconnect the battery

3) Start up your machine and let it idle for about 5 minutes

4) Go back into your service menu and check your engine speed again. It should now be reading 1,600 – 2,000 RPM’s

5) Do not operate any accessories while you do this procedure. You don’t want any additional loads on the engine while it’s trying to learn

bobcat 763 trouble

follow these instructions to fix your bobcat 763

Bobcat is a Doosan company. Doosan is a global leader in construction equipment, power and water solutions, engines, and engineering, proudly serving customers and communities for more than a century.

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The Bobcat 763 Skid-Steer Loader is a 46 HP machine that can weighs in at over 2.5 tons and is powered by a 4 cylinder Kubota Diesel engine. It has a 54 inch bucket that has a 9.5 cf capacity. The 763 has an operating weight of 5300 pounds and can lift 2250 lbs with its hinge pin at max height of 93 inches. It can be equipped with tires or tracks depending on your preference. It uses vertical lift to load pallets or transport debris from one location to another which tends to be the most popular Bobcat model produced by the company.

This quality Bobcat 763 Skid Steer Loader Service Repair Workshop Manual is 100% complete and intact as should be without any missing pages.

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