bobcat 773 fuel problems and solution

The Bobcat 773 is a compact, high productivity, hydraulically powered machine. Besides the engine and transmission, it contains a pump which is driven by a hydraulic motor that is powered by the engine. The bobcat 773 fuel problems and solution will help answer the majority of fuel related issues.

Sbobcat 773 filter screen plugged

I have an ’01 sbobcat 773 that is having problems. The machine will start and run fine until I engage the hydrolics then it dies, just like if you pulled the fuel pump fuse. I know the filter is clogged because when I remove the suction line at the fuel tank, fuel will flow freely for a couple seconds then stop.

So far I have replaced both filters, flushed out the tank and lines, as well as blown air through all lines to verify they are open. The only thing I can think of left is that there is an in-line filter somewhere that I am missing.

bobcat 773 fuel tank vent clogged

To unclog the fuel tank vent line on my bobcat 743 skid steer loader i would remove enough fuel from the tank until the fuel level drops below the bottom of the filler pipe. This will allow you to remove the filler cap and blow compressed air up through the filler pipe into the tank. The vent is located in the top of the tank just under the cap. The air will clear out any debris that is clogging up your vent line.

If you have a lot of debris clogging up your tank then i would recommend removing one of the bolts that hold down your floor plate and removing it so you can gain access to your fuel tank. You can then use your shop vac to suck out all of the debris that is clogging up your tank or lines.

bobcat 773 injector pump malfunctioning

I have a bobcat 773 I bought new in 2002, it has 2000 hours on it. It is in a rental fleet, so it has been well maintained, and the injector pump was rebuilt last year. However, when I turn on the ignition and then turn the key to start, everything works fine until I release the key that starts the engine. When I release the key, it dies immediately. If I hold the key in start, it runs fine. The battery is fully charged, the alternator is good and working.

I thought maybe it was an ignition switch issue, but no other problems are present with starting or running with any other function except releasing the start key causes immediate shut down of engine.

bobcat 773 injector lines restricted

We had a bobcat 773 that needed injector lines replaced and the mechanic said it had bad injectors and that is what caused the lines to come off. After having the bobcat in the shop for 3 months with no real answer as to why it ran poorly. I decided to take matters into my own hands. After inspecting all lines and injectors there were no leaks or restrictions found.

When I finally figured out the problem there was a blockage in the fuel supply line just before it enters the injection pump. This line comes out of the fuel tank and splits into two, one going to each side of the motor. The middle fitting on this manifold was plugged, restricting flow to one side of the motor only. I removed this fitting and blew air through it from both directions and it came out clear, but when I put my finger over one hole and blew air from the other hole, sure enough, it was plugged.

bobcat 773 fuel tank or filters need cleaning or replacing

hello – I have a Bobcat 773 and I am making a trip to my job site. I had the machine loaded up on my trailer and was moving it to another location outside of my shop. All seemed fine and running good. Then all of a sudden it just died. Now it will not start back up. I tried cranking it over, as well as spraying starter fluid into the intake but still nothing.

I have been told that possibly one of the fuel filters could be clogged? This would make sense because I put about 30 gallons of fuel in the tank about 2 weeks ago and it has sat since then. The fuel was from a gas station and there is no water in the tank from what I can see…..the gas looks clean and no water in the bottom of the tank when I look inside it with a flashlight.

The bobcat 773 will run out of fuel if any of these components are not clean and in working order

The fuel tank, fuel pump, and most importantly the gas cap all need to be clean and tight. When you see the bobcat 773 running out of fuel, it is telling you that there is a problem with one or more of these components. The first thing to look at is the condition of the fuel cap. Can you get it off? If yes, then try cleaning it out with a small screwdriver.

The next thing to check is the gas tank. Is it empty? If yes, then you need to check your gas gauge. If the gas gauge is reading full, then you have a problem with your fuel pump. Check this by turning the pump on and off while monitoring the gas gauge.

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