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cat 304e2 problems and solutions

Cat 304e2 problems and solutions. I’m writing this article to let people know a little bit about the Cat 304e2 and hopefully help people solve their Cat 304e2 problems and prevent future Cat 304e2 problems.

Cat 304e2 Excessive oil consumption

In the first half of this year, there are many customers reflect that their excavator excessive oil consumption, especially in the afternoon when the temperature is high, a few days to come back to refuel. After receiving customer complaints, our technicians carefully check the vehicle.

We found that what they provide to us is a brand-new car (mileage is less than 2000 km), so we also immediately contact caterpillar department to get a solution.

After checking with caterpillar department, we found that this problem is caused by engine design issues. The main reasons are as follows:

1.The fuel used by engine is not suitable.

2.The vent valve of intake manifold has not been opened yet.

3.There is an internal problem with the turbocharger.

4.The fuel injection pump has an internal problem!

Cat 304e2 Worn out engine parts

You may have a problem with the hydraulic system if you notice that the excavator is not operating as it should be. Most hydraulic problems can be difficult to diagnose, which is why you need to know what you are looking for. You may notice a drop in power when using the excavator or that there is a gradual decline in performance. These are signs that there is a problem with the hydraulic system and the problem will get worse over time if you do not address it.

You need to check for leaks first as this will instantly tell you if there is anything wrong with the hydraulic system. You should also check for any unusual sounds coming from the engine bay and listen carefully for any unusual sounds when using your excavator. If you notice any of these, then you need to get some professional advice and repair work carried out by an experienced mechanic.

The main reason why people go to their local mechanics when they want to repair their machines is because they want their machine to be repaired professionally. This means that they want someone who has experience working on these types of machines and knows exactly what they are doing. There are many mechanics who do not have much.

Cat 304e2 no auxiliary

We recently bought a used cat 304e2 cr. The Machine was running fine but suddenly it has lost the auxiliary hydraulics (which run the bucket and thumb)

The dealer was contacted and they have said that it is a software issue. This seems odd to me because the machine runs fine otherwise.

Has anyone had anything similar happen? Or any ideas on what to do next?

I have tried to connect it to the Cat et system but I am having no luck. I get a connection then it disappears almost immediately after. It does this every time, not just with my laptop but with all our laptops in my company.

Cat 304e2 electrical system problems

The details of these problems and solutions are as follows:

Problem one: the engine can not start normally, the fault code is FMI 0.

Analysis: the starting system does not work, which may be caused by insufficient battery voltage or poor connection of the starting system; the working hydraulic system does not work well, which may be caused by the hydraulic oil temperature too low or the hydraulic oil quality is poor; the fuel injection pump does not work.

Solution: check and adjust the battery voltage, clean and tighten the starter contactor; check the circuit of starting motor relay; change to good quality hydraulic oil filter and ensure that the hydraulic oil temperature reaches 80℃; check fuel injection pump circuit.

Problem two: high speed operation abnormality, fault code is FMI 2.

Analysis: turbocharger has a problem, which may be caused by foreign matter blocking or a small amount of lubricating oil entering; high pressure pipe joint leakage in common rail system.

Solution: clean turbocharger air inlet pipe, drain trap, air filter element and air intake manifold; adjust high pressure pipe clamping screws and replace sealing gaskets.

Cat 304e2 Engine overheating

Cat 304e2 Engines often overheat and the problem can generally be traced to the new coolant being used.

If you are using Cat Extended Life Coolant (ELC) in your Cat 304e2 Engine and have overheating problems, try using the old style coolant.The high silicate content of this coolant seems to help keep engines running cooler.

Cat is aware of the problem, but they are not telling anyone about it.

I had a new Cat 304e2 excavator that was overheating after being worked hard for 20 minutes. I tried everything including a new thermostat and radiator cap. The temperature would finally come down after sitting idle for an hour or two. I took it in to my dealer, who specializes in Caterpillar equipment, and he said this was a known problem with these engines, but to keep it quiet because Caterpillar won’t admit there’s a problem with the ELC coolant. He instructed me to fill it with the old style coolant and run it like that for awhile. That was two years ago and I’ve never had another cooling problem since.

Cat 304e2 Damaged fuel injector

The Cat 304E2 CR Mini Hydraulic Excavator delivers high performance, durability and versatility in a compact design to help you work in a variety of applications.

Here are the reasons for CAT 304e2 damaged fuel injector and solutions, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!

1, Poor quality diesel oil is the main reason for damage to the fuel injector. The state stipulates that the sulfur content of diesel oil should not exceed 0.2% (m / m). Due to the different production technologies of various oil companies and the poor quality control, it is difficult to guarantee that the sulfur content of diesel oil does not exceed the national standard, so when using diesel oil, we must select high-quality products from regular manufacturers. In addition, there are some alloys such as iron, copper and nickel in diesel oil without adding additives that can cause corrosion of fuel injectors.

2, Diesel quality problems often occur on large ships or container ships due to long-distance transportation and other reasons. Because of its high sulfur content, it will cause serious corrosion of fuel injectors and other parts. Therefore, it must be filtered before use.

Cat 304e2 The engine will not turn over

Cat 304e2 The engine will not turn over and solutions

Fault analysis:

This fault is due to the 304E2 excavator engine failure, causing the engine to stall.


1. Connect the diagnostic tool to determine the fault code, and there are three fault codes in the memory: 531-10, 531-13, and 531-16.

2. A quick check of the battery voltage is normal. The starter motor begins to rotate normally when energized, but the engine does not rotate. There is no power output at the fuel solenoid terminal. Check that the work mode switch is in the automatic position. The maintenance personnel quickly removed the fuel injection pump cover and found that there was a blockage at the inlet of the fuel injection pump, which was caused by debris such as metal scraps falling into the pump from above during maintenance operations at high altitude. After cleaning up this debris, it was found that there was still no power output at the terminal of the fuel solenoid valve after starting again, but when touching with his hand.

cat 304e2

In this article we are going to share with you the basics of cat 304e2. The content below will guide you step-by-step through the basic procedures to operate a CAT 304e2 excavator. You will also find solutions to vital problems that may occur because of misuse and abuse of your excavator.

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