komatsu PC290LCi-11 excavators

komatsu PC290LCi-11 Excavator, A Mattock with the Strength of

The komatsu pc290lc-11 excavator, a mattock with the strength of a backhoe, is a powerful heavy equipment with rich strength. It is a robust machine that can work smoothly in almost every kind of terrain and climate. Its flighting and primary agitation teeth makes it easy to break, cut and crush hard particles such as asphalt and concrete making it the perfect equipment to be used in construction and other kinds industrial developments.

komatsu PC290LCi-11 excavators-The Working Elements of the komatsu PC290LCi-11

The komatsu PC290LCi-11 is the latest model in Komatsu’s line of compact excavators. Its main features include full cab visibility, a large 1.4-liter diesel engine and a boom length of 9 m (30 ft.).

The PC290LCi-11 is fully equipped with standard features such as a cab height adjustment and a joystick control for the boom; it also has an optional crane shift lever that allows operators to change between forward and reverse directions, or to operate the boom from the ground.

The ring gear diameter of the PC290LCi-11’s engine is 20.5 in., which provides maximum power output at lower engine speeds for greater fuel efficiency. The hydraulic system in the motor is designed to prevent hydraulic oil leakage during installation, operation, and maintenance.

The PC290LCi-11 is built on an all-wheel drive system that improves tractive performance, particularly when crossing uneven terrain. The excavator’s tracks have rubber pads integrated into their design for improved traction and friction reduction while moving through wet and loose soil conditions.

komatsu PC290LCi-11 excavators

komatsu PC290LCi-11 excavators-The Smart Power Control System of The komatsu PC290LCi-11 Excavator

The Smart Power Control System of The komatsu PC290LCi-11 Excavator optimises the excavator’s performance and fuel efficiency. In addition to the traditional excavator control modes, the new excavator also has a new Smart mode.

The Smart mode automatically adjusts engine speed and hydraulic power according to the load on the boom, arm and bucket so that the power is always at an optimal level for any job.

The excavator also features a Fuel Saving System that automatically reduces engine speed when no boom, arm or bucket movement is detected during a certain period of time.

komatsu PC290LCi-11 excavators

komatsu PC290LCi-11 excavators-The Operator’s Station of the komatsu PC290LCi-11 Excavator

Monitoring and management systems provide the operator with real-time information to ensure optimal machine performance. The KOMTRAX system provides the operator with access to machine operation data, including fuel consumption, location and maintenance alerts via email or a smartphone application. KOMTRAX is standard on all Komatsu construction equipment.

The PC290LCi-11 features a standard left-hand console. The operator’s station includes a comfortable air ride seat, joystick steering and fingertip controls with proportional auxiliary hydraulics for smooth operation. The new LCD monitor displays critical machine information, including fuel consumption and automatic idle time.

The operator station includes an available adjustable armrest that can be moved up and down vertically, forward and backward horizontally, as well as tilted up or down for maximum comfort. An adjustable seat belt is also available for increased safety and comfort.

komatsu PC290LCi-11 excavators-Safety Features of the komatsu PC290LCi-11 Excavator

As with all Komatsu excavators, the PC290LCi-11 is designed with safety in mind. The excavator features a rearview camera that allows the operator to view any blind spots and safely navigate around the workplace. The operator can also monitor their surroundings with the two sideview cameras on the upper right and left areas of the cab. These cameras are strategically placed so that they do not get obstructed by other equipment parked close to the excavator. The cameras also provide operators with a panoramic view of their surroundings while they work.

If you need a dependable excavator for your construction or infrastructure project, contact us today and we will answer any questions you have about our large machines for sale.

komatsu PC290LCi-11 excavators-The komatsu PC290LCi-11 excavator is a machine that has a lot of innovative features.

The komatsu PC290LCi-11 excavator is a machine that has a lot of innovative features. One of the innovations that this excavator has is the Komtrax. The Komtrax is an electronic monitoring system that will keep track of the location and performance of your machine. It also keeps track of fuel consumption and health diagnostics. This is an important feature because it can help you maintain your machine and keep it running efficiently. You can also use the Komtrax to remotely control the machine from anywhere in the world.

Another innovative feature that this excavator has is the intelligent machine control system. This system allows you to use your smart phone to control the machine. The system also allows you to save fuel by using less fuel when you are not using the machine. The komatsu PC290LCi-11 excavator also has a hydraulic system that is more efficient than other systems on the market today. The hydraulic system allows you to move large amounts of material without having to use as much fuel as other machines on the market today.

The komatsu PC290LCi-11 excavator also has an automatic shut off feature that will automatically shut off the engine if you do not use it for a certain amount of time

komatsu PC290LCi-11 excavators-The PC290LCi-11 is a fully automated hydraulic excavator from Komatsu.

The PC290LCi-11 is a fully automated hydraulic excavator from Komatsu. It features integrated intelligent Machine Control (iMC3) and intelligent Mapping System (iMS2), which use GPS to provide a three-dimensional model of the earth’s surface, enabling the machine to automatically dig according to design plans. The PC290LCi-11 is equipped with a Tier 4 Final engine that uses a diesel oxidation catalyst and diesel particulate filter in place of a selective catalytic reduction system.

komatsu PC290LCi-11 excavators-At full load, the PC290LCi-11 has 1,490 lbs of stick digging force and 3,898 lbs at the bucket.

The standard boom and stick length is 10 feet 8 inches for 61 feet 7 inches of reach. The maximum dig depth is 32 feet 2 inches and the max dump height is 31 feet 1 inch.

The operating weight with a long undercarriage is 61,980 pounds while the short undercarriage reduces it to 61,216 pounds. The fuel tank capacity is 75 gallons.

komatsu PC290LCi-11 excavators-A smart system that makes this excavator more efficient is called “KomTrak” and it tracks machine performance and location using GPS.

You can access the KomTrak system through a computer or your smartphone.

The machine will show you data about where it’s located, how it’s being used and whether or not it needs any maintenance.

It will even tell you how much fuel it’s using and if there are any inefficiencies with the way the machine is operating.

This type of analysis helps to reduce unnecessary downtime and increase productivity, which translates into more profit for companies who use Komatsu equipment.

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