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Komatsu PC45MR-5 VS PC55MR-5 Mini Excavators

Excavators have been steadily building a reputation for being one of the best equipment’s for heavy construction, transport and construction industries. For the user and customer who has had no previous experience with the devices, it can be pretty hard to choose the right one, which is why we thought we should give you our insights into Komatsu PC45MR-5 vs PC55MR-5 mini excavators.

Komatsu PC45MR-5 VS PC55MR-5 Mini Excavators|Driveline

Komatsu is one of the biggest names in the mini-excavator market, with a long line of popular and reliable construction equipment. The PC45MR-5 and PC55MR-5 are two of the company’s most popular models. These two excavators are very similar in design and function, but there are some key differences that could make one a better choice for your project than the other.

Emission RatingTier 4 / Stage V
Engine ManufacturerKomatsuKomatsu
Number Of Cylinders44
Displacement Inches³134134
Engine Output – Net hp3838
Track Shoe Width inches1616

Komatsu PC45MR-5 VS PC55MR-5 Mini Excavators|Dimensions

Two machines for comparison – Komatsu PC45MR-5 and Komatsu PC55MR-5. The first one is about two years older than the second one.

In this case, the main aspect of comparison is dimensions.

The most important difference between these two mini excavators is their weight. The second one is heavier by more than 1 tonne. Such weight gain allows us to conclude that the newer model has a reinforced design and some improvements in certain components of the machine construction.

This also affects the dimensions of both excavators. Their length differs by several inches, width – by several feet and height – by almost a foot.

Such dimensions of Komatsu PC55MR-5 allow it to dig deeper than its predecessor (its maximum digging depth exceeds that of Komatsu PC45MR-5 by more than 2 feet).

Transport Height – Maximum ft/in8 ft 4 in8 ft 4 in
Overall Undercarriage Length ft/in8 ft 3 in8 ft 3 in
Zero TailswingYes4Yes
Dozer BladeStandardStandard
Width over fixed tracks6 ft 5 in6 ft 5 in
Track Gauge ft/in5 ft 1 in5 ft 1 in
Front Slew Radius – Mono Boom ft/in7 ft 10 in7 ft 6 in

Komatsu PC45MR-5 VS PC55MR-5 Mini Excavators|Capacities

Whenever I get a chance to talk with construction business owners, it’s always interesting to hear about the various projects they have going on and their equipment needs. They’re often looking for ways to improve productivity and efficiency, while also reducing costs.

A common question I’m asked is whether there are any differences between the Komatsu PC45MR-5 and PC55MR-5 mini excavators. Both are popular, customer favorites. Many contractors need both a 2,600-pound and 3,500-pound class machine, but don’t know which one is right for them.

The PC45MR-5 is a 2,650-pound class machine while the PC55MR-5 is in the 3,550-pound class. Both models have zero tail swing and an independent boom swing that make them great for working in confined areas such as around buildings or other structures. They can also easily maneuver over obstacles like curbs and pipes without moving them out of the way first. Both models come standard with a blade (except on offset boom option), so they can be used as dozer machines when necessary.

While digging force might not be as important of a factor for some contractors, it’s still something to consider when purchasing a mini excavator.

Fuel Tank gallons (US)17.217.2
Hydraulic Tank gallons (US)5.35.3

Komatsu PC45MR-5 VS PC55MR-5 Mini Excavators|Performance

I had the chance to operate both these machines. I’ll be talking about my thoughts and experiences on both these machines. If you want any other information regarding specs, feel free to ask.

The first machine we will be looking at is the PC45MR-5. This machine is powered by the same engine as the PC55MR-5 which is a Komatsu KE35E-5M, 3 cylinder liquid cooled diesel engine producing 17.7 kW (24hp) of power at 2200 rpm. The gross vehicle weight is 4,400 kg (9,700 lbs). The standard bucket capacity is 0.03 cubic meters (0.04 cubic yards) while the maximum digging depth is 2,580 mm (8’6″).

The second machine we will be looking at is the PC55MR-5 which shares the same engine and gvw as the PC45MR-5 but has a better max digging depth of 3,340 mm (11′). The down side to this machine is that it does not come with a rear camera and has smaller bucket capacity at 0.025 cubic meters (0.033 cubic yards).

Ground Bearing Pressure PSI4.124.27
Swing Speed rpm99
Tractive Force lbf 94369436
Dipper Tearout lbf 45645379
Bucket Breakout lbf76288774
Lift – Quoted With Bucket?YesYes
Total Flow gallons (US) / min40.140.1

Komatsu PC45MR-5 VS PC55MR-5 Mini Excavators|Weights

The Komatsu PC45MR-5 and Komatsu PC55MR-5 are both mighty mini excavators with many of the main differences is their size, which also affects their weight. The PC45MR-5 is 3 feet shorter than the PC55MR-5, and weighs 2 tons less.

Both machines have a maximum dig depth of 11 feet and 4 inches, and a tipping load capacity of 2 tons and 10,000 pounds respectively.

The PC45MR-5 is the smaller machine, but it has a larger bucket penetration–a measurement of how far into the ground the bucket can reach–since it weighs less than the PC55MR-5.

The PC45MR-5 has a bucket penetration of 6 inches while the PC55MR-5 has 5 inches, which means that the PC45MR-5 can dig deeper into hard soil with less effort than its bigger brother.

Operating Weight1100111608

Chose Komatsu PC45MR-5 or PC55MR-5 Mini Excavators

As a leading manufacturer of construction equipment in Japan and the world, Komatsu has been winning the trust of customers with high quality products for many years. Recently, Komatsu has introduced two upgraded versions of mini excavators: PC45MR-5 and PC55MR-5. Through a series of innovations and upgrades, these machines will bring you a more comfortable work experience.

Komatsu PC45MR-5

As we can see from the above table, these two models are not very different in terms of performance. However, if you need to dig deep trenches, choose PC55MR-5 without hesitation. Because it has a deeper digging depth than PC45MR-5.

These two models are both small excavators but can be equipped with hydraulic quick couplers and buckets to meet various operating needs. The main pumps are designed for higher efficiency than the previous generation’s models which help reduce fuel consumption. In addition, the automatic power saving mode will automatically turn on when you are working with light loads to save fuel up to 10%.

Komatsu provides complete maintenance services to help customers maintain the reliability and availability of their equipment in production activities.

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