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Top 14 largest excavators in the world

Most of us probably wonder how the largest excavators in the world look like and it is only natural – we all want to know what it is like to operate such large machines which are capable of demolishing almost any earth structure in a single pass. But not all of us are capable of climbing inside such giants and see for ourselves. So, let’s see if we can change that by taking a closer look at 14 biggest trucks in the world.

The largest excavator main application

In addition to the relative small excavator, there is also a large excavator. Of course, this large-scale excavator for some special occasions to use.

•The first application is the open-pit mining. This is what we often say that the open-pit mining. The main purpose of this work is to dig out the ore from the pit. For example, in the mine iron ore mining and mining machinery in general, for example, you can look at some large-scale copper mine, which are generally used in large-scale open-pit mining equipment. To achieve this work, there must be a lot of workers working together with large construction machinery. For example, there may be a truck with a dump truck or a loader that will be used to load the excavated ore into a truck or train. These are very common scenes in large open pits.

•Another major application of excavation machinery is widely used in road construction projects and civil engineering projects such as tunnels and bridges. For example, if you want to build a tunnel or bridge, then it is necessary to use this kind of equipment to dig out some soil and stone materials needed for bridge and tunnel construction.

What are the limitations of the largest excavator?

As a result of the limitation of the physical properties of the mechanical equipment, the largest excavator is also restricted. First of all, it is limited by its own weight, which is limited by its own load-bearing capacity. The larger the size of the excavator, the greater the weight, and then the greater the load-bearing capacity required for the carrier.

In addition to these two factors, another important factor is that it is limited by its own working range, namely extending to how far away from itself. In terms of working range, it can be divided into two types: one is a single boom excavator, and a multiple boom excavator. The former has only one arm in front of it and cannot be extended sideways; while multiple arm excavators can stretch horizontally in both directions.

The above are some of the limitations on large excavators. However, with technological advances today, large excavators are becoming more and more powerful.

What are the advantages of the largest excavator?

Characteristics of large mining machinery

1. powerful

The power system of Terex mining machinery is a type of structure with high reliability, high safety level, high efficiency and energy saving, low noise, strong adaptability and strong overload capacity. The main engine uses a six-cylinder electronic control turbocharged diesel engine, which has a large power reserve, easy starting performance at low temperature, and can achieve 100% load power output under standard working conditions.

2. High efficiency

The high-efficiency hydraulic system and working device system of Terex mining machinery greatly improve the loading speed of the bucket and improve the working efficiency of the machine. The hydraulic system adopts parallel valve control technology to improve work efficiency by 20%. For example, the loading speed of a 7m3 bucket can reach 1.2m/s; compared with similar products in China, it can load more than 500 buckets per hour.

3. Low noise

The engine adopts an integrated turbocharger muffler to reduce exhaust noise; the fuel tank adopts a new baffle design, effectively reducing fuel sloshing noise. The cab’s anti-vibration design reduces noise, and the laminate is used for internal sound insulation, achieving low noise.

I tell about the top 14 largest excavators in the world.

Demag H740 OS excavator

The Demag H740 OS excavator, created by the German company Krupp for the power industry, is a machine designed to operate under the toughest conditions. The Demag H740 OS excavator features a 744 horsepower engine that can operate at 2,300 revolutions per minute. Designed for use in large scale civil engineering projects where huge volumes of earth have to be moved, the Demag H740 OS excavator has a maximum bucket size of 52 cubic meters and an operating weight of 744 tons.

The Demag H740 OS excavator provides its power from a V16 MTU diesel engine. It has an operating speed of 2 km/h with a max speed of 4 km/h and can climb up gradients with ease. This allows it to work on rough terrain easily and efficiently.

The Demag H740 OS excavator is a powerful mining machine used for open pit mining operations. It’s also used for oil sands mining where its large size makes it useful for moving significant amounts of earth. The heavy-duty hydraulic system and innovative design make it a great choice for contractors looking to maximize productivity while reducing costs.

Weight744 t
Bucket capacity40 m³
Tear-out force2320 kN
Engine manufCaterpillar
Engine type3516B DITA (2x)
Engine power3280 kW
Revolutions at max torque1800 rpm

Komatsu PC5500-6 excavator

The Komatsu PC5500-6 excavator is a large production sized machine that can be used for some of the most difficult jobs. Able to move over thirty-five metric tons, the Komatsu PC5500-6 offers an operating weight of seventy-six metric tons with a bucket capacity of fifteen cubic meters.

The Komatsu PC5500-6 excavator also offers optimal engine performance thanks to its high pressure fuel injection system and turbocharging after cooling capability. The engine functions quietly and smoothly while providing excellent combustion efficiency and low emission levels.

The Komatsu PC5500-6 excavator’s hydraulic system provides maximum hydraulic efficiency through the use of two variable displacement pumps. The hydraulics on this model are designed to provide smooth, powerful action for all movements, including arm and boom actions.

Built with operator comfort in mind, the Komatsu PC5500-6 excavator features a spacious cab with adjustable arm rests, an ergonomically designed control panel, and an automatic climate control system that maintains a comfortable temperature in any weather conditions. This model also offers noise reduction capabilities thanks to its three layer roof construction and sound absorbing material in the cab doors and floors.

Komatsu PC5500-6 excavatorparameter
Operating Weight – Backhoe1186300 – 1217200 lb(538097 – 552113 kg)
Operating Weight – Loading Shovel1203900 lb (546080 kg)
Max Bucket Capacity (SAE heaped) – Backhoe38 yd3(29 m3)
Bucket Capacity (SAE heaped) – Loading Shovel38 yd3(29 m3)
Max Digging Depth – Backhoe27′3″ (8300 mm)
Max Digging Depth – Loading Shovel8′10″ (2700 mm)
Max Dump Height33′2″ (10100 mm)
Max Dump Height – Loading Shovel43′8″ (13300 mm)
Max Bucket Breakout Force (ISO)340750 U.S. tons (154,562 kN)
Max Arm Digging Force (ISO)298050 U.S. tons (135,193 kN)
Max Arm Digging Force – Loading Shovel208 lb (1850 kg)
Arm Length36′1″ (11000 mm)
Track Width53′ – 71′(1350 – 1800 mm)
Ground Pressure26.5 – 34.5 psi(182.7 – 238 kPa)
Travel Speed1.4 mph (2.1 kmh)
Ground Pressure – Loading Shovel34 psi (234 kPa)
Emission RatingTier 2
Make / ModelKomatsu SDA12V159E-2
Gross Horsepower1260 HP @1,800 rpm (940 kW @1,800 rpm)
Engine Lubrication50 U.S. gal (190 L)
Cooling System95 U.S. gal (360 L)
Fuel Tank Capacity2736 U.S. gal (10355 L)

Liebherr R9800 excavator

The R9800 is Liebherr’s largest excavator, weighing in at 800-tonne. Its diesel engine generates 6960kW of power and the vehicle has a bucket capacity of 36m3.

The R9800 is powered by a Liebherr 12-cylinder, turbocharged diesel engine. It produces 6960kW at 1800 revolutions per minute (rpm). The machine has a maximum torque of 8850Nm at 1300rpm and an operating weight of 710 tonnes (depending on the specification). The crawler tracks are 60m long, 3.5m wide and 1.1m high.

The Liebherr R9800 is equipped with a 16-cylinder diesel engine that produces 10,500HP. It also features a standard bucket size of 13m3 and an operating weight between 710t and 870t depending on the variant.

Liebherr engineers have developed the R9800 to be easily transportable to any mine site. Its size means it can be transported in sections on a specialist low-loader trailer and assembled on site using basic tools.

Liebherr R9800 excavator
The R9800 is Liebherr’s largest excavator
Engine model2x Cummins QSK 60
Engine rating at 1800 rpm2,984 kW
Emissions (USA/EPA)Tier 2 / US EPA Tier 4f / EU Stage V
Engine model (option A)2x Liebherr D9812
Engine rating at 1800 rpm (option 2)3,000 kW
Emissions (USA/EPA) (option 2)US EPA Tier 4f / EU Stage V
Electric motor (option)Available
Attachment and travel drive pump10 variable flow axial piston pumps x 750 l/min. @ 320 bar
Swing drive pump4 reversible swash plate pumps x 535 l/min. @ 320 bar, closed-loop circuit
Maximum swing speed3.60 rpm
Operating weight with backhoe attachment800.00 t
Bucket capacity at 1.8 t/m³47.50 m³
Max. digging force (ISO 6015)1,760 kN
Max. breakout force (ISO 6015)1,980 kN
Operating weight with face shovel attachment810.00 t
Shovel capacity at 1.8 t/m³42.00 m³
Max. crowd force at ground level (ISO 6015)2,945 kN
Max. crowd force (ISO 6015)3,090 kN
Max. breakout force for shovel (ISO 6015)2,395 kN

Bucyrus RH 340/RH 340-B excavator

The Bucyrus RH 340/RH 340-B hydraulic mining excavator is the largest mining shovel in the world, with a shovel capacity of 62 cubic meters. The Bucyrus RH340/RH340-B was originally designed as a coal mining machine, but can be used effectively to mine other minerals.

The Bucyrus RH340/RH340-B is powered by two Caterpillar 3616 diesel engines that produce 4,700 horsepower (3,500 kW) each. These diesel engines are V16 engines that each have a displacement of 16,122 cubic centimeters. The air cleaner for each engine is located behind the cab and has a diameter of 1 meter (3.3 feet). Each engine has an oil pan that has a capacity of 1,136 liters (300 gallons).

Each engine drives one drum on the main hoist through a clutch and torque converter. The power from each drum goes to the swing mechanism via a gear box. The swing mechanism can turn 360 degrees and can rotate at 3 revolutions per minute. The hoisting drums on each side of the crane can raise and lower at rates up to 32 meters per minute (105 feet per minute).

Max Dig Depth29.2ft in
Max Cutting Height52.17ft in
Backhoe Boom / Stickboom 34’5″ (10500mm) w/ stick 16’5″ (5000mm)
Width Over Tracks22.97ft in
Length Of Track On Ground23.27ft in
Height To Top Of Cab28.78ft in
Ground Clearance3.68in
Length Of Tracks30.29ft in
Height Of Tracks8.21ft in
Upper Structure Ground Clearance9.16ft in
Max Dig Reach53.48ft in
Max Dump Height37.73ft in
Max Cutting Height50.53ft in
Max Dig Depth8.54ft in
Loading Shovelboom 26’2″ (8000mm) w/ stick 16’9″ (5100mm)
Track Gauge18.38ft in
Loading Shovel Ground Pressure30.7psi
Max Travel Speed1.25mph
Engine Model2 x K 1500-E
Net Power2520hp
Gross Power2520hp
Power Measured @1800rpm
Displacement2300cu in
AspirationTurbocharged and aftercooled
Fuel Capacity2826.7gal
Hydraulic System Fluid Capacity1611.5gal
Swing Speed3.9rpm
Operating Voltage24V
Alternator Supplied Amperage350amps
Reference Bucket Capacity36.7yd3
Maximum Bucket Capacity44.5yd3

Hitachi EX5600-6 excavator

The EX5600-6 excavator from Hitachi Construction Machinery is designed for large-scale mining applications, with an operating weight of 571,000 to 594,500 pounds (259,500 to 269,900 kg). The hydraulic excavator features an EPA Tier 4 Final/EU Stage IV certified Isuzu engine that produces 1,805 horsepower (1,343 kW). The machine can be used in ultra-class mining applications such as overburden removal and production loading.

The Hitachi EX5600-6 excavator is powered by a 16-cylinder turbocharged Isuzu engine capable of producing 1,805 horsepower.

The Hitachi EX5600-6 has a standard bucket capacity of 29 cubic yards (22 cubic meters) and a 44.3 cubic yard (33.9 m3) capacity in backhoe operations. The machine can also transport up to 530 tons (238 metric tons) of material at a time with the addition of a rear dump body or haul truck attachment.

Hitachi EX5600-6 excavator
Hitachi EX5600-6 excavator
NET POWER2 x 1119kw/1,500HP
Shovel17m 55ft9in

Komatsu PC8000-6 excavator

The Komatsu PC8000-6 excavator is a massive, ultra-class mining excavator that can move thousands of cubic meters of material per hour. It’s used in open pit mines across the world for coal and other minerals, as well as iron ore, gold and copper.

The Komatsu PC8000-6 excavator is one of the largest excavators in the world. It weighs more than 1.5 million pounds (680 tonnes) and has a shovel capacity of 62-72 m3. In addition to being used as an excavator, it can also be used as a wheel dozer or wheel loader depending on its attachments.

The Komatsu PC8000-6 is built to handle any job you throw at it. The massive size and strength of this machine is perfect for any application where there is a need for heavy lifting or moving large objects like boulders or rocks.

With a length of almost 24feet (7 meters) and height over 10feet (3 meters), the PC8000-6 has a lot of surface area to work with. It’s also very heavy: fully loaded with fuel, supplies and crew members onboard.

Komatsu PC8000-6 excavator
Komatsu PC8000-6 excavator
Weight777 t
Transport length14.078 m
Transport width10.01 m
Transport height9.655 m
Bucket capacity42 m³
Track width1900 mm
Max. Reach horizontal20.7 m
Dredging depth8 m
Tear-out force1800 kN
Bucket width4.575 m
Engine manufKomatsu
Engine typeSDA16V160E-2 (2x)
Engine power3000 kW

Caterpillar 6090 FS excavator

The Caterpillar 6090 FS excavator is a mining machine that weighs in at 558,000 pounds and has the ability to dig at depths of up to 41 feet. The machine is powered by a 3408C diesel engine, which produces 870 horsepower. It is capable of digging 6,000 cubic yards of material per day.

The Caterpillar 6090 FS excavator has two engine cooling fans and an air conditioning unit that are independent of each other. This allows the operator to control when the fans and AC unit run.

The front window on the Cab is made of bulletproof glass and can be opened to allow fresh air in while the vehicle is in motion.

The Caterpillar 6090 FS excavator has a 360 degree camera system that allows the operator to see around the entire perimeter of the vehicle while operating it remotely.

caterpillar 6090 FS excavator
caterpillar 6090 FS excavator
Weight1000 t
Transport length13.53 m
Transport width9.72 m
Transport height9.99 m
Bucket capacity52 m³
Track width2000 mm
Max. Reach horizontal19.3 m
Dredging depth2.6 m
Tear-out force2502 kN
Bucket width6.1 m
Engine manufCummins
Engine typeQSK60 (2x)
Engine power3360 kW
Displacement60.2 l
No. of cylinders16
Cylinder bore x stroke159×190 mm
Emission levelU.S. EPA Tier 2

Bucyrus RH400 excavator

The Bucyrus RH400 excavator, weighing approximately 889t, is the world’s biggest hydraulic excavator. It was launched by Komatsu America Corp in USA in May 2008 and is currently being used by Caterpillar Global Mining at the Buck Creek coal mine in the US state of Indiana.

The Bucyrus RH400 excavator was developed for use in large open pit mining operations under extremely harsh conditions. The size of this model allows it to move up to 63,000m3 of material per day, which is more than a mining truck can haul in several days.

The RH400 operates on electric power and is powered by two 16-cylinder diesel engines that produce 5,500HP. In order to move the machine, four wheel drive and four wheel steering is used with an electro-hydraulic control system and automatic traction control.

The Bucyrus RH400 has a standard bucket capacity of 50m3 and an operating weight of 1,150t when fully equipped with crew and lubricants.

Bucyrus International acquired the mining division from Terex Corporation on 1 July 2010, forming Bucyrus International Inc. The company was renamed Komatsu America Corp in 2013 as part of its acquisition by Komatsu Limited.

Width Over Tracks28.22ft in
Length Of Track On Ground27.71ft in
Height To Top Of Cab33.39ft in
Ground Clearance3.73in
Length Of Tracks36.03ft in
Upper Structure Ground Clearance10.34ft in
Height Of Tracks9.67ft in
Max Dig Reach62.34ft in
Max Dump Height47.58ft in
Max Cutting Height66.28ft in
Max Dig Depth7.55ft in
Loading Shovelboom 31’2″ (9500mm) w/ stick 18’4″ (5600mm)
Loading Shovel Shoe Width78.75in
Track Gauge21.66ft in
Loading Shovel Ground Pressure30.7psi
Max Travel Speed1.37mph
Engine Make2347
Engine Model2 x QSK 60-C
Net Power4500hp
Gross Power4500hp
Power Measured @1800rpm
Displacement4210cu in
AspirationTurbocharged and aftercooled
Fuel Capacity4226.8gal
Hydraulic System Fluid Capacity2641.8gal
Swing Speed4.4rpm
Operating Voltage24V
Alternator Supplied Amperage350amps
Reference Bucket Capacity58.9yd3

Hitachi EX8000-6 excavator

Hitachi EX8000-6 is the world’s largest hydraulic excavator. It is the sixth generation of Hitachi’s EX8000 series.

The EX8000-6 features a newly developed cab, a completely redesigned upper structure, and a new undercarriage frame. Hitachi engineers have achieved weight reduction by 132t and increased production by 10% compared to its predecessor, the EX8000-5.

The machine has an operating weight of 810t and a shovel capacity of 45m³. It can be configured with either a 45m³ backhoe or 20m³ shovel attachment. The machine is powered by two 20-cylinder diesel engines with a combined output of 8,300kW (11,080hp).

The EX8000-6 has been designed for heavy earthmoving applications in major mining sites such as iron ore and coal pits in Australia and South America.

Hitachi EX8000-6 excavator
Hitachi EX8000-6 excavator
Model CodeEX8000-6
Engine Rated Power (kW)(kW)2x 1 450 kW (2x 1 940 HP)
Operating weight (kg)811 000 kg
Backhoe Bucket ISO HeapedHeaped38.0 – 43 m³
Max. digging depth (mm)13 800 mm
Bucket digging force (kN)ISO2 230.0

Liebherr R996 B excavator

The Liebherr R996 B excavator is a leader in the field of large hydraulic excavators. The R996 B combines all the qualities that have made Liebherr famous: robustness, reliability, high performance and outstanding efficiency. These combined with maximum safety for the operator and the environment make this hydraulic excavator an excellent choice for all types of applications.

The Liebherr R996 B is built on a 6-axle chassis with a rear axle that can be steered hydraulically or mechanically. The machine has a robust design with high quality components, which enables it to operate reliably and economically under any conditions.

The Liebherr R996 B is a 1000 kW/1360 HP electric excavator with a standard bucket capacity of 9.6 m³ and can handle up to 20 metric tons (22 US tons). The maximum operating weight of the machine is 300 metric tons (330 US tons). With these features it is the ideal choice for any application requiring high production rates at low cost per tonne.

liebherr R996 B excavator
Weight672 t
Bucket capacity36 m³
Track width1400 mm
Max. Reach horizontal19 m
Dredging depth8,11 m
Tear-out force1500 kN
Engine manufCummins
Engine typeK1800E (2x)
Engine power2240 kW
Displacement50.3 l
Revolutions at max torque1800 rpm

Komatsu PC7000-11 excavator

The PC7000-11 shovel excavator is designed to work in large scale open pit mines. Its bucket capacity of 32 cubic meters is the largest in the world, exceeding by nearly 10% the previous record holder.

The machine is powered by a Komatsu SDA24V160E-2 diesel engine delivering 6,250 horsepower (4,650 kW). It has a maximum drawbar pull of 3,900 kN and weighs 1,500 tons. The PC7000-11 is 53 meters long and 13 meters wide over the tracks.

The shovel reaches a depth of 17 meters below ground level and a height of 20 meters above ground level. The boom itself has a length of 21 meters and uses a hydraulic cylinder system to balance its weight without putting too much stress on the undercarriage.

Komatsu PC7000-11 excavator
Komatsu PC7000-11 excavator
Model2 x Komatsu SSDA16V159E-2 Tier 2
Type4-cycle, water-cooled, direct injection
AspirationTurbocharged and aftercooled
Number of cylinders16
Rated power @ 1,800 rpm
(SAE 1995/J1349)
2 x 1,675 HP
GovernorAll-speed, electronic
System24 V
Batteries (series/parallel)8 x 12 V
Alternator2 x 140 A
Standard working lights16 LED lights
Standard service lightsthroughout platform incl. emergency egresses and stairways
Track adjustmentAutomatic hydraulic type
Number of track shoes49 each side
Number of top rollers3 each side
Number of bottom rollers7 each side
Travel control2 foot pedals
GradeabilityUp to 50%
Travel speed (maximum)1.55 mph
Service brakeHydraulic brake
Parking brakeWet, multiple-disc
Type2 x Squirrel cage induction motor
Power output2 x 1,200 kW
Voltage6,000 – 7,200 V*
Amperage (approximate)2 x 128 A – 2 x 107 A
Start-upSoft start each motor in succession
Frequency standard60 Hz @ 1,800 rpm
Frequency option50 Hz @ 1,500 rpm
Hydraulic oil tank1,255 US gal
Hydraulic system2,510 US gal
Fuel3,443 US gal
Engine coolant2 x 116 US gal
Engine oil2 x 62 US gal
Reserve engine oil make up tank2 x 176 US gal

Caterpillar 6060 excavator

The new Caterpillar 6060, 6060 FS and 6060 HR excavators are powered by a 1,450-hp, Caterpillar 3412E engine. The machines have a top speed of 21.5 mph and use a hydraulically driven fan with a transmission-driven clutch for cooling.

The Cat 6060 family has a standard breakout force of 160,000 pounds and drawbar pull of 220,600 pounds. Maximum digging depth is 33 feet, 9 inches, and maximum reach at ground level is 54 feet, 10 inches.

A bucket rotation lock system can be used to improve control and accuracy during fine grading operations. A low-effort control lever provides smooth loader operation when moving material into trucks or hoppers and has three modes: high sensitivity for fine work; precision for normal work; and heavy for high inertia loads such as large rocks.

The John Deere 6060 chainsaw is a high-performance saw designed for heavy-duty use. It’s built tough, with all-steel parts that are welded together to ensure durability. The saw has an ergonomic handle and trigger guard so you can hold it comfortably, while the aluminum body makes it lightweight at just 8.8 pounds. With a powerful 24-inch bar length (24-inches) and 0.404-inch pitch chain size (0.404 inches), it cuts through wood up to 22 1/2 inches in diameter or 22 1/2 inches in circumference at full throttle when used as recommended by its manufacturer.”

Caterpillar 6060 excavator
Engine Output – SAE J19953023 HP
Bucket Payload67 ton (US)
Operating Weight660 ton (US)
Rated Speed1,800 min-1 (1,800 rpm)
Bore6.69 in
Stroke8.46 in
Displacement3574 in³
Gross Power – SAE J19953023 HP
Net Power – ISO 92492995 HP
Net Power – SAE J13492977 HP
6060 FS – Standard Track Pads4.58 ft
6060 FS – Operating Weight1320110 lb
6060 FS – Ground Pressure26.6 N/cm2 (38.5 psi)
Backhoe – Standard Track Pads4.58 ft
Backhoe – Operating Weight1323860 lb
Backhoe – Ground Pressure26.7 N/cm2 (38.7 psi)
Main Pumps – Diesel Version8 variable swash plate pumps
Main Pumps – Maximum Oil Flow – Diesel Version8 x 650 L/min (8 x 172 gal/min)
Maximum Pressure – Attachment4640 psi
Maximum Pressure – Travel5220 psi
Swing Pumps – Diesel Version4 reversible swash plate pumps
Swing Pumps – Maximum Oil Flow – Diesel Version4 x 352 L/min (4 x 93 gal/min)
Maximum Pressure – Swing Pumps5075 psi
Operator’s Eye Level – Approximately24.91 ft
Internal Dimensions of Cab – Length7.33 ft
Internal Dimensions of Cab – Width5.33 ft
Internal Dimensions of Cab – Height6.75 ft

MAN TAKRAF RB293 excavator

The MAN TAKRAF RB293 is a giant bucket-wheel excavator made for the energy and surface mining industries.

MAN TAKRAF RB293 bucket-wheel excavator at Garzweiler surface mine, Germany.

The MAN TAKRAF RB293 is a giant bucket-wheel excavator made for the energy and surface mining industries. It was built by the German company MAN Takraf, formerly known as VEB TAKRAF.

The MAN TAKRAF RB293 is one of the ten biggest machines in world.

This machine weighs 14,200 tons, has a length of 220 metres (720 ft), width of 96 metres (315 ft), height of 95 metres (312 ft) and a digging depth of up to 45 metres (148 ft).

MAN TAKRAF RB293 excavator
MAN TAKRAF RB293 excavator
Length225 m (738.2 ft)
Width46 m (151 ft)
Height96 m (314.9 ft)
Weight14,200 t (31,300,000 lb)
Propulsion12 x caterpillar tracks
Gross power16.56 megawatts of externally supplied electricity
Speed2 to 10 m (6.6 to 32.8 ft) per minute (0.1 to 0.6 km/h)

Caterpillar 7495 HF excavator

Caterpillar 7495 HF excavator The Cat® 7495 HF hydraulic mining shovel is a front-shovel loader with a nominal payload of 91.5 tonnes (101 tons). With an operating weight of 740 tonnes (813 tons), the 7495 HF is designed to load haul trucks up to 400 tonnes (440 tons) in size.

It has long been recognised that the high stripping ratio at an open cut mine and the loading of large tonnage trucks are two of the most productive areas for improvement. The continued development of both equipment and mining methods has meant that open pit mines are able to handle these larger haul trucks, and these trucks require equally large excavators to match. As these excavators have increased in size, so too has their fuel consumption.

Caterpillar’s fully integrated AC electric drive system provides lower fuel consumption through reduced engine power, improved gear efficiency and advanced control strategies. Electrically driven components are more efficient than traditional hydraulics, with all the energy generated by the engine being used to move material rather than waste heat from the hydraulics.

Caterpillar 7495 HF excavator
Caterpillar 7495 HF excavator
Dipper Payload120 t
Dipper Capacity30.6-62.7 m3 (40-82 yd3)
Working Weight – With Dipper and Standard Links3164000 lb
Ballast – Furnished By Customer667150 lb
Crawler Dimensions – Overall Width 317.5 cm (125 in) Treads41.67 in
Upper Works Overall Width – Including Standard Walkways41.99 in
Ground Bearing Pressure57 m2 (248 kPa); 614 ft2 (36 psi)
DriveIGBT Acutrol drive system
System Voltage – Nominal50/60 Hz, 7,200V
Power Requirements – Voltage3 phase, 50/60 Hz, 7,200V
NoteOther voltage options available to suit customer requirements
Power Requirements – 50 Hz6,000V, 6,600V, 7,200V, 11,000V
Power Requirements – 60 Hz7,200V, 13,800V
Power Requirements – Peak power3778 kW
Power Requirements – Average Power Demand945-1322 kW
Rope Data – NoteHigh impact ropes available as an option
Rope Data – Hoist – No.2
Rope Data – Hoist – Diameter2.75 in
Rope Data – Dipper Trip – No.1
Rope Data – Boom Suspension – Diameter3.25 in
Rope Data – Dipper Trip – Diameter0.75 in
Rope Data – Boom Suspension – No.4
Operating Weight3164000 lb
Dipper Payload120 ton (US)
Maximum Dumping Height29.53 ft
Dipper Capacities30.6-62.7 m3 (40-82 yd3)
Radius of Level Floor55.77 ft
Cutting Height – Maximum55 ft
Dumping Height – With Clearance to Open Dipper Door29.53 ft
Revolving Frame Tail Swing Radius30.51 ft
Cutting Radius – Maximum79.72 ft

So, we have described the 14 largest excavators that are available in the world. But don’t forget that today there are different and even more powerful ones being made. As technology continues to improve, expect to see some absolutely enormous mechanical giants tearing up the earth in the next few years.

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