bobcat 3400 engine

bobcat 3400 engine problems and solutions

Many homeowners were befuddled when they began to experience unexpected problems with their bobcat 3400 engine.  This can be puzzling for anyone who has not previously encountered the issues that may accompany such problems.  Luckily, there are a few things that you can do to help prevent this issue from occurring again in the future.

1. bobcat 3400 Oil Pressure Warning Light Is On

Oil pressure is the lifeblood of your engine. Without oil pressure, your engine will fail very quickly. The bobcat 3400 Oil Pressure Warning Light is on because the Oil Pressure Sensor/Switch is sending a signal to the bobcat 3400 instrument cluster that the oil pressure is too low.

If you have an oil pressure gauge, check the oil pressure reading while the bobcat 3400 Oil Pressure Warning Light Is On. If you do not have an oil pressure gauge, you can remove the sending unit and drive to your local parts store and have them test it for you.

If you have good oil pressure, then there is an electrical issue with either the bobcat 3400 Oil Pressure Sensor/Switch or the instrument cluster itself. If you have low oil pressure or no oil pressure at all, then you need to replace your bobcat 3400 Engine Oil Pump or repair/replace any parts that are causing a restriction in your oil system.

2. bobcat 3400 Engine Won’t Start

Bobcats are known for their power, durability and performance. These machines have a reputation for operating in the most extreme conditions. If you own a Bobcat, it is important to know how to troubleshoot when something goes wrong. When a problem occurs with your Bobcat, the first thing you should do is check the engine. The engine may not be starting for a number of reasons. If your engine does not start, follow these steps to troubleshoot the issue.

Step 1:

The engine will not start if the battery is dead or low. Before troubleshooting any other issues, ensure that the battery is fully charged and/or has enough power to turn over the engine.

Step 2:

Check to make sure that ignition switch is turned on and that there is fuel in the tank if your Bobcat will not start after checking the battery. A fuse may also need replacing if fuel is present but the engine still does not turn on.

Step 3:

Check to see if the fuel pump relay or starter relay has failed if you determine that both the battery and fuel are functioning properly.

3. bobcat 3400 Engine Overheating or Hard to Warm Up

My Bobcat 3400 has an intermittent problem with the engine getting hot and heating up the cab. Besides “normal” hot weather, I can drive the machine at speed for hours on end and the engine never gets hot. However, in other conditions it will get really hot really quick.

I have tried to flush out any debris that may be impeding cooling flow, but nothing comes out (and I am using a water hose under pressure).

One mechanic told me that they replaced a sensor that was causing a problem similar to mine. The sensor was not properly sending information to the computer, which was causing improper mixture of air/fuel. It didn’t seem like this would affect the cooling system or temperature gauge, but he said it was what he found fixed my issue.

4. bobcat 3400 Engine Is Smoking

Unfortunately, I have now smoked my engine. It was on fumes and starved for oil.

The cause was the oil filter assely leaking. I discovered this after hours of pulling the radiator, motor, and a bunch of other stuff. It is a very simple fix; however, I have to replace the engine now.

What happened is that the oil filter assely has a rubber seal that sits in a seat where the filter attaches. Over time and engine heat, it deteriorated. When it happens, it drains all your oil into the exhaust system and your engine will smoke like crazy.

It took me 3 days to figure out what was going on.

bobcat 3400 engine

5.bobcat 3400 Low Coolant Light Comes On

I bought a new 3400 utility vehicle and the low coolant light comes on while the engine is idling. I expected the light to come on at startup, run a few seconds, then go out as the engine got up to operating temperature. But it stays on when running. I have never seen this happen before in any other machine I’ve owned, and I am wondering if this is normal for this particular model.

I called my dealer to ask about a certain piece of equipment that he had for sale, and he happened to answer the phone himself. As we were talking about the equipment, he asked me what kind of machines I was using now (I’m a dang tree guy), and after we talked about my current machines, he asked how long I’d been in business. When I told him twenty years, he said “you must be doing something right.”

That meant so much more to me than if he had just said “congratulations!” or “great job!” or even “good for you!”

I felt like my hard work was recognized by someone who knew what it took to do what I do every day.

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