bobcat t870

bobcat t870 problems and solution

The Bobcat t870 is a machine tool that is generally used for several projects. It has become popular to most people in their industries . This may sound strange but I have come across several peoples whose machines are not functioning well and they need help with them. This lead me to research on bobcat t870 problems and solution .

870 Bobcat Drive problem

870 Bobcat Drive, but the 870 Bobcat Drive is not in the list as it should have been. I have been dealing with this since this morning and still cannot get it resolved. My customer has a scheduled appointment for tomorrow morning on 870 Bobcat Drive. The map shows that this address is incorrect. Please do not give me a run around. The address is currently showing up as 870 Bobcat Dr, Richland Hills, TX 76118 which is wrong. I have tried asking for help on FB and IG, my customers have called and emailed and no one can help us fix this problem.

870 bobcat overheating

Hi guys I’m a new member to this site, but have been enjoying the wealth of information here. I have a 870 bobcat that is getting hot. This is a great machine, I bought it used with 1700 hrs. It was in great shape and has done well for me since I bought it. The other day it started overheating. When I say overheating, we are talking about the coolant in the over flow bottle getting so hot that it boils out the vent hole in the cap and sprays out like water coming out of a kettle on a stove!

I changed the thermostat, but still getting hot. When I used my infrared thermometer on the radiator it reads about 180 degrees when running up to temp. The hose going into the thermostat reads about 190 degrees and the hose coming out of the thermostat reads about 150 degrees when running up to temp. Not sure if those readings are normal or not. It does have an aftermarket fan shroud.

This machine does not have any type of warning light for overheating, so you have to rely on the over flow bottle boiling out to let you know there is a problem.

bobcat t870 final drive problems

We carry all the parts you need to repair your Bobcat final drive and get it back up and running again. Our inventory includes final drive motors for Bobcat mini-excavators, compact track loaders, skid steers and more.

The T870 is a powerful machine with a huge list of applications. Make sure that you can take advantage of its power by keeping it operating at peak efficiency. If your final drive motor goes out, don’t worry. We carry high-quality replacement motors that will get you moving again quickly and easily.

All of our final drive parts come with a full one-year warranty. We are located in the United States but ship internationally as well to over 30 countries around the world!

bobcat t870

bobcat t870 fuel problems

I recently purchased a new Bobcat T870 with 675 hours on it. Shortly after the purchase, I noticed when I would run the machine the engine idle would get very erratic and stall out. At first it was not consistent, but has since gotten worse. The machine will also shut down at random times while running any of the attachments. This happens while moving or stationary and regardless of load. The machine will crank right back up and run fine, but this is very dangerous and frustrating when you are working on a job site.

Bobcat has been great about getting out to me quickly when the machine stops working, but cannot find anything wrong with it other than a clogged fuel filter (which didn’t fix the problem) and a faulty fuel cap that they say was causing air to enter into the fuel tank (they replaced it and it still did not fix the problem).

The machine dealer is telling me that Bobcat says there is nothing else wrong with the machine, but I can’t trust it to work reliably.

bobcat t870 won’t move

My t870 has 30 hrs on it. Was operating in 4 wheel drive. I stopped, got out of the machine, went inside a building for a minute, and came back out. Machine would not move. I had the bucket down and was using the left hand pedal to try to go forward or reverse. The machine just reved like it was in neutral when you press on gas pedal on your car.

I called my dealer and he walked me through some things to check, but nothing worked. He said it probably needs a new hydraulic controller board. I’m worried about something else because this happened so suddenly and all I did was stop for a minute, put my bucket down, turned off the machine for about 10 seconds (no key out) and tried to start it again.

The bobcat t870 has big tires. which increases the clearance of the machine, allowing it to go where other machines cant. A jib, tipping bucket, and large pneumatic tires make the bobcat t870 great for steep angle construction jobs and material movement. Also with a zero radius turn feature this machine allows you to easily stay on grade and on line with your project. This feature also helps when you are working in confined spaces where it is not possible to swing side to side without hitting adjacent walls or structures. There is also a double folding bucket for extra versatility and control in confined places.

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