bobcat 753 drive problems

bobcat 753 drive problems and solution

Bobcat 753 drive problems and solution. bobcat 753 is a very robust small wheel loader designed to fulfill the requirements of various industries and building sectors. But like any other equipment, it also has several issues with its on-board components, above all the bobcat 753 drive problems which customers usually call in.

1. Hydraulic pump failure

bobcat 753 Hydraulic pump failure. I read somewhere that if your bobcat has a hydraulic pump failure and you replace the pump with one from a skid steer manufacturer other than bobcat that you will not have to re-wire the machine. I was told that some of the manufacturers change the polarity of their pumps and so you would have to re-wire your machine to make it work. What is weird is my neighbor had a hydraulic hose blow out on his 753, we ordered a new hose from bobcat and installed it and when we started the machine up, it started making a grinding noise in the back of the machine where the pump is located. Not only did they charge me $200 for a piece of crap hose that had no business being sold as new, but now they want almost $3000 to replace the pump.

2. Torque converter failure

We have a 753 Bobcat that has given us nothing but trouble since we bought it. It has been in and out of the shop twice in the last six months with the same problem. The torque converter no longer engages or disengages. The shop that has been working on it is unable to fix the problem. They have changed the clutch, the solenoid, and now have decided that the oil pump is bad. I don’t think this is the case based on what I’ve read online. So now they are tearing into it again to try and figure out what is going on.

I’m getting frustrated at this point because they have had it for over a month and it’s still not fixed.

If anyone has had any experience with this type of problem with a Bobcat I would love to hear from you. I want to make sure that the shop we’ve been dealing with is doing everything they can before I take this up with Bobcat.

bobcat 753 drive problems

3. The gearbox is damaged

There are three parts in the transmission of the Bobcat 753: the main shaft, the input shaft, and the reverse shaft. The main shaft should be replaced if it has broken or worn teeth. The input shaft should be replaced if the oil seal is damaged or if it is worn excessively at the mounting surface of the spline. The reverse shaft must be replaced when there is damage to its oil seals or damage to its bearings.

4. Final drive failure

The early Bobcat 753 final drives, which we call the “5 bolt style”, have a major design flaw. The sprocket has no support and eventually breaks. This is because the “hub” that holds the sprocket is not welded or bolted to the outside of the case. It is just held in place by Taper Roller Bearings and a keyway. The sprocket then bounces around as it turns and causes wear to the bearings and seals. Eventually, water will get in through these worn seals and cause rusting inside the final drive case. When this happens, you will need to replace the entire final drive unit, which can be very costly.

5. Controller malfunction

bobcat 753 Controller malfunction code 01-02. This machine just had a new controller installed by a bobcat and I only have 50 hours on it since installation. I called the dealer and they are scratching their heads. This is the first time this has happened to me in 20 years on this machine. I did have my battery cable off before coming to work today, so maybe some corrosion in the plug-in? But it was plugged back incorrectly and working fine.

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