bobcat 753 electrical problems

bobcat 753 electrical problems and solution

If you will not find the solutions to your bobcat 753 electrical problems and solution on your own, you have come to the right place. Trust us!

Problem#1: ignition switch is not working

My bobcat 753 ignition switch is not working. The key turns but the machine will not start. It worked fine before then it just died and won’t start again. I was wondering if it is an electrical problem or if it is in the wiring. I have checked all fuses and relays and they seem to be ok. I have voltage in one wire coming from the ignition switch then when I turn the key nothing else happens. Is there a relay somewhere that could be the problem?

Problem#2: fuse box is not working properly

The bobcat 753 fuse box is located on the floorboard of the operator’s compartment. It is behind the left footrest. The fuse box is secured in place with four screws and each fuse is labeled, which makes it easy to locate a specific fuse.

Problem#3: the fuel injector pump is not working properly

The injector pump only works properly when it is warm. So I have to let the machine warm-up for 15 minutes before I can use it. If I turn the machine off, after running for 5 mins, it will not start again unless I let it sit and warm up again.

I have replaced the injector pump, timing belt, fuel filters and even put a new battery in it. Someone said that there is an adjustment in the injector pump that needs to be changed but they didn’t know where or how to do it. They gave me instructions that said something about backing out the injector pump flange then turning the stop screw so that the stop flange is 0.02 inches from the top plate. Can someone help me with this? Is this what I need to do?

bobcat 753 electrical problems

Problem#4: the battery has overcharged

If it is overcharged and the battery has boiled, then if you can, clean up the battery. Use baking soda and water to clean up any spilled acid.

If there is no damage to the battery, then the problem will be in the charging system. Either a bad alternator or a bad regulator may need to be replaced.

Solution#1: replace the ignition switch

It is possible to replace the ignition switch on a Bobcat 753 without removing the steering wheel.

In some models, it is necessary to remove the steering wheel to install a new ignition switch. If that is the case with your model, you won’t be able to replace the ignition switch without disconnecting or removing the steering wheel.

Step 1

Use a wire brush attachment on an electric drill to clean away dirt and debris from around the two nuts that secure the ignition switch in place on the lock cylinder housing. The nuts will be located on either side of the ignition switch housing.

Step 2

Place a socket wrench over each nut and turn it counterclockwise until it is loose enough to remove by hand. Repeat this process for each nut until it can be removed by hand. Remove both nuts from the bolt-on which they were secured, then remove both bolts from the lock cylinder housing.

Step 3

Pull the ignition switch out of its position in the lock cylinder housing. Use a small flat-head screwdriver to pry off any plastic dash trim that may be covering access holes for other bolts securing the lock cylinder housing in place.

Remove these remaining bolts using a socket wrench, then pull upward on the lock cylinder housing to release it from its

Solution#2: repair the fuse box or replace it if necessary

The fuse box on a 753 Bobcat is located below the operator’s seat. It burns out, if you are operating the Bobcat with a malfunctioning component, such as a solenoid or other attachment. The fuse box protects the entire electrical system of the Bobcat. If there is a problem in the system, one of the fuses will blow instead of damaging wiring or components. The fuse box contains several spare fuses, so you can easily repair your 753 Bobcat.

Step 1

Turn off your 753 Bobcat. Remove the ignition key and open the operator’s compartment door.

Step 2

Locate the fuse box below the seat on the left side of your 753 Bobcat. Press down on the tab and pull straight up to remove it from its location. Inspect each of the fuses in the fuse box for damage or signs that it is burned out, including any discoloration in the plastic or glass covering or a burn mark where the metal strip inside has broken apart due to overheating.

Step 3

Remove any blown fuses from their location and replace them with new ones from your stock of spare parts. Make sure each new fuse is installed correctly before putting back into place and closing up your 753 Bobcat

Solution#3: replace the faulty fuel injector pump with a new one

1. Put on a pair of gloves and safety glasses before removing the air filter housing.

2. Remove the two bolts holding the cover over the air filter in place.

3. Pull off the cover and remove the air filter element. Set it aside for cleaning later, when you are done with your repairs.

4. Remove the screws around the fuel injector pump mounting plate and pull it off to expose the fuel lines leading to and from the pump.

5. Unscrew and remove each of these lines from their fittings on the pump with a wrench. Dispose of them immediately because they will contain diesel fuel.

6. Loosen and remove all of the bolts holding the fuel injector pump in place using a socket set, turning them counter-clockwise until they come out of their holes on the pump housing.

7. Lift up on one side of the fuel injector pump with your hand as you slide it out of its retaining brackets to remove it from under the engine compartment of your Bobcat 753 loader.

Solution#4: replace the faulty battery and charge it properly

The bobcat 753 is a very fine-tuned machine and the battery is an important part of it.

The battery has to be maintained in good condition and if it is left discharged for a long time, it may not start the next time.

The charging system of the bobcat is designed to charge the battery only when the engine is running and if the engine does not run for a long time, it may not charge the battery at all.

This can be detrimental to the longevity of the battery as well as reduce its efficiency.

It is therefore advised that you replace the faulty battery with a new one and charge it properly before using it again.

It will also help if you have a battery charger that can be used on many different types of batteries so that you do not have to worry about finding one which will suit your needs.

electrical problems can be solved easily by replacing the accessories which are not working properly

There are many ways to solve electrical problems. There are lots of things which can be adjusted properly and if they are adjusted, the result will be good. They may include replacing the circuit breaker, inverter, fuse or it may also include replacing the switches or some other electric accessories. If a repairman is called and has checked the electric circuit thoroughly then a perfect solution can be given.

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