bobcat 753 starting problems

bobcat 753 starting problems and solution

bobcat 753 starting problems and solutions. This is a troubleshooting guide for any bobcat 753 operators. It is designed to be more of a problem-solving guide for common issues that you may find as you work with this machine. Since I know most people won’t read the whole manual I thought it would be good to have a guide online that addresses some of the more common issues.

Bobcat 753 Engine Cranks But Won’t Start

Check the fuel pump and fuel filter on your Bobcat skid steer loader model 753. The Bobcat 753 is a skid steer loader, manufactured by Bobcat Company. The Bobcat is built with a Kubota engine that powers the hydraulic systems on the machine. If the fuel pump or fuel filter has failed, this will cause a loss of pressure in the fuel system, resulting in starting and running problems.

bobcat 753 starting problems

The fuel pump and fuel filter are located underneath the operator’s seat on the left side of the engine compartment. To access these parts, unscrew the bolts from the foot pan under the seat and remove the foot pan. Underneath you will see a fuel pump mounted to block and fuel filter (mounted between pump and carb). Fuel lines are attached to both sides of the filter with spring clamps. Loosen clamps and remove lines from the filter. Remove assembly from mounting bracket (mounted with two screws to the front of block). Disconnect wiring harness plug from the top of the pump. The pump may now be removed from the block by removing two bolts that hold it to the block (1/2″ wrench). Remove old g.

Bobcat 753 Engine Turns Over But It Won’t Start

I have a 753 that won’t start. I have changed the ignition switch, glow plugs, and fuel filters. I get a little bit of fuel out of the bleed screw on the injector pump but that is it. I don’t see any fuel at all coming out of the high-pressure line between the pump and injectors. Since it has been sitting for 4 years I would assume that the fuel lines are gunked up but where do I start to unclog them? Any suggestions?

Inspect the fuel line and make sure there is no crack in the fuel line. The engine won’t start if there is a break in the fuel line.

Check for tight hose clamps on the fuel line, both at the engine and at the fuel tank. If there are any loose fittings or clamps in the fuel line, air bubbles can form that will prevent the engine from starting.

Inspect the fuel filter to see if it needs to be replaced. Replace it if necessary.

Inspect the fuel cap and replace it if necessary. The cap must be tight on the tank and not cracked or broken.

Put a little gas down into the carburetor with a piece of tubing to see if it will startup. This will determine whether you have a fuel problem or an ignition problem.

Bobcat 753 Starting Problems from Fuel Pump

The fuel pump on a Bobcat 753 is responsible for drawing fuel from the gas tank and then pushing it toward the engine. If your fuel pump goes bad, you can’t start the engine because no fuel will flow through the system. The pump itself is not very expensive, but you will have to raise up the cab to get at it.

Raise up the cab of the Bobcat using a forklift or other equipment. Also, raise up the engine compartment cover using a socket wrench.

Find the fuel pump inside the engine compartment area. It is located on top of the fuel tank and looks like a small tube with two wires connected to it.

Disconnect both wires from the old fuel pump by removing their connectors. Remove any nuts holding it onto its bracket using a socket wrench and pull out the old pump. Take off the other end of its hose from another bracket near where it connects to the engine by taking off its clamp and pulling it off from there as well.

Put in your new fuel pump in place of where you took out your old one, securing its hose back into place with its clamp and securing it onto its bracket with nuts. Plugin its wires back into their connectors and lower down your engine compartment cover and lower down your cab.

Bobcat 753 Fuel Gauge Not Working

Here are the most common reasons that your Bobcat 753’s fuel gauge is not working – and the parts & instructions to fix the problem yourself. We have 3 possible solutions to fix your Bobcat 753’s fuel gauge issue.

The best way to test a diesel fuel gauge is to hook a multimeter up to the sender terminal on the back of the gauge, then move the float arm up and down by hand. If you see about 0-90 ohms when you move it, it’s a good sender. If you see infinite resistance, it’s a bad sender.

Bobcat 753 Starting Issues from Corroded Spark Plugs

We have a Bobcat 753 that runs great but just recently started acting up. We changed the fuel filter and it ran fine for the rest of that day. The next day when we went to start it, it wouldn’t fire up. After doing some research on this forum, I was able to dig deeper and find that there is the main fuse box in the engine compartment where all the fuses can be checked. I found some bad fuses and replaced them but the problem still persisted. I soon realized that the machine wasn’t firing at all. I then decided to take a look at the spark plugs and noticed they were completely corroded so I cleaned them off with a wire brush and tried again. It worked!

This machine has been sitting around for over 2 months so I recommend you check your spark plugs if you are experiencing similar problems. They are easy to access, just remove the front panel of the engine compartment and they are right there in front of you.

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