bobcat 763 hydraulic

bobcat 763 hydraulic problems and solution

The bobcat 763 hydraulic systems are generally easier to use than dump trailers. However, there may be some times when you experience difficulties in operating these machines. Note that these problems are not related to the hydraulics themselves but in the operation and possible trouble with other parts of the bobcat 763.

Hydraulic system leaks

This machine is all original, no modifications have been made, the oil has not been changed since the last time I used it one week ago. I had no leaks at any point prior to this week.

The most notable leak (and only one that is visible) is coming from the hydraulic pump, which is dripping from a small hole on the bottom of the pump.

Another leak has coat the bottom portion of the hydraulic tank with oil, but it does not seem to be dripping from any specific point on the tank.

Lastly, there is a very minor leak coming from what appears to be an o-ring seal located on top of the hydraulic tank, right next to where it mounts to the frame (pump side). This leak appears to be so minimal that I am almost certain that it was not even leaking before I started looking at the machine today. The oil on this o-ring seal looks dry and discolored in comparison to the rest of the leaking oil.

I cannot see any other leaks anywhere else in this system. There is no oil anywhere else except for these three locations listed above.

Hydraulic pump/hydraulic motor drive failure

I am working on a Bobcat 763 G-Series with a hydraulic problem, the machine is not building up pressure. The pump was replaced and everything was working fine for about a week. The bucket and all the other controls were working fine. Now when you move the joy stick to raise the bucket up, it goes about halfway and then slowly comes down and stops about an inch from the ground. We have checked all of the cylinders for leaks but there are none.

We have ruled out any air in the system with a vacuum pump/gauge. We also put an inline pressure gauge on the return line to see if we could find any restriction but there was not any. We are stumped as to what else it could be, I am thinking it has to be some sort of internal valve sticking but don’t know where to start looking.

Loss of power while bucket dumping

I have a Bobcat 763. It has several problems I am hoping someone can help me with:

1 – It seems to lose power when I lift the bucket. It is slow, but it will lift the bucket.

2 – When I dump the bucket, the engine loses power and dies. It starts up again quickly.

3 – I cannot get the machine to move in reverse. The forward gears work fine.

4 – Once in a while, when I try to start it, it sounds like it is spinning over too fast.

I have put about 15 hours on the machine since I bought it last year. The previous owner said he changed all of the filters and fluids, but did not say what kind of fluids he used. It was very dirty when I bought it, so I cleaned out all of the screens and filters again (hydraulic fluid was black).

bobcat 763 hydraulic

Bucket doesn’t float when operator eases back on the control lever

The ‘floating’ mode is only used when you are digging and need to control the depth of the bucket. During digging, the operator uses the control lever to raise and lower the bucket. When the control lever is in the neutral position, the bucket will float.

It sounds like your problem is caused by a malfunctioning hydraulic pressure relief valve. This valve determines how much pressure is needed to move either up or down. If this valve is damaged or out-of-adjustment, then it will be difficult or impossible to move in one direction or another.

The 763 Bobcat operators manual shows three different models of pressure valves that have been used on this machine. If you have no service history for your machine, it’s possible that some previous owner has replaced a malfunctioning valve with one that doesn’t work correctly in your particular application. You might want to check the adjustment and general condition of that valve before you go any further with troubleshooting.

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