bobcat 763 starter

bobcat 763 starter problems and solution

The Bobcat EasyLoader is a loader developed by Caterpillar. It is intended for lifting and lowering of heavy loads which might cause serious injuries to personnel or damage expensive equipment if it is done manually. This loader consists of a large bucket-cum-bucket, chassis and engine. The bucket-cum-bucket has an adapter with drawbar, hydraulically powered quick coupler, cylinder lock and active traction lugs at the rear end.

Problem 1 – Battery is not being charged

I have an older bobcat 763. The issue is the battery is not getting charged. I bought a new battery and it has the same issue. I jumped the wires to see if the alternator is charging and it was. I then took off the connector where the positive wire connects to the solenoid and tested it with a test light, with no load on it. It showed a charge when the engine was running. But when I put a load on it, for testing purposes a small air compressor, it dropped out to 0 volts. I could hear a clicking noise coming from what sounded like by the starter so I pulled it out checked all connections and sprayed out any corrosion with an electrical cleaner that said “safe for electronics”. That did not help either.

Problem 2 – Bad Starter Relay Switch

This will be helpful to someone.If you have a bobcat and it will not start but the battery is good and charged.

Check the starter relay switch. It is on the side of the hydraulic oil tank in a box. It has 4 prongs in it. Two are for power and two are for ground to the starter solenoid.

There is a fuse made of metal that will corrode over time and not allow enough power or ground to get through to activate the starter solenoid.

Simply replace this fuse with a similar size piece of copper wire and it will fix your problem!

Problem 3 – Bad Starter Motor

My Bobcat 763 electric fuel pump always clicks when energized, but will not pump fuel. I have replaced the fuel pump and the pressure switch. I had to replace all these parts because someone tried to put diesel fuel in my gas tank and it blew out some lines and clogged the old fuel pump.

I thought that it was fixed after replacing everything, but the new fuel pump just clicks and will not pump fuel.

The dealer told me that there is a cylindrical piece of metal with a spring on it that is located in front of the starter motor that is bad. He said that this device activates the fuel pump once you turn on the ignition key. Can anyone tell me what this thing is called so I can find one?

Solution 1 – Check the battery and charging system

1. Visually inspect around the machine for any sign of a leak or damage to the battery, cables and related components. Look for cracks in the battery case, corrosion on the battery posts, loose connections and any other problem.

2. Remove the black negative cable from the bobcat 763 battery terminals.

3. Remove the red positive cable from the battery terminals.

4. Inspect all cables for wear, damage or corrosion and replace if necessary.

5. Connect one end of a jumper wire to the positive terminal on the bobcat 763 battery and connect the other end to the positive terminal of a fully charged 6 volt battery if you do not have a multimeter.

6. Connect one end of another jumper wire to the negative terminal on your 6 volt booster battery and connect the other end to a bare metal part on your bobcat 763 engine to create a ground connection between both batteries.

7. Connect an ammeter between each pair of connecting wires between both batteries to measure current flow through each set of wires in both directions. If you are using jumper wires, first disconnect them from each other and then connect an ammeter between them while they are still connected to their respective batteries so.

Solution 2 – Check the starter relay switch

When a problem with the starter relay is suspected, it should be tested to confirm. The relay can be tested with a multimeter and a simple test procedure.

Troubleshooting a Starter Relay

Step 1 – Locate the starter relay

Before attempting to inspect or replace the relay, locate it under the hood of your car. The exact location of the starter relay depends on your make and model, but it is usually found in the fuse panel.

Step 2 – Inspect the terminals

Inspect the terminals of the starter relay for any corrosion or debris that may have built up over time. The terminals are responsible for transferring electrical signals from one part of your car to another, and if they are obstructed by any substance, it can cause your vehicle’s system to malfunction. Cleaning off any dirt or debris from these terminals will help ensure that electricity flows properly to the necessary parts of your car.

Step 3 – Test for continuity

Test for continuity in the starter relay. Set your multimeter to RX1 and touch each input terminal with corresponding output terminal on each side of the circuit board. If you get a low reading, this indicates that there is no resistance in between those two terminals and thus they.

bobcat 763 starter

Solution 3 – Replace the starter motor

1. Open the door and switch off the engine. Wait until the engine has stopped rotating before proceeding.

2. Remove the key from the ignition.

3. Disconnect the battery and set it on a non-conductive surface.

4. Remove the starter motor by unscrewing its bolts with a wrench.

5. Position the new starter motor in place of the old one and secure it with its mounting bolts. Reconnect all other electrical components, including any wires attached to them, and attach them to their respective terminals on the solenoid of the starter motor with a wrench.

6. Reattach the battery by connecting it to its respective terminal on the starter motor and reinstall it into its original position inside of your Bobcat 763 skid loader’s engine compartment.

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