Bobcat t770

Bobcat t770 starting problems and solution

The bobcat t770 is a wonderful machine that uses diesel as its fuel. This vehicle is designed by the Bobcat company and has been produced for many years. This article will give you some starting problems and solutions of bobcat t770.

Bobcat t770 starting problems

I have an issue with my t770. When I attempt to start it (with either the key or the power switch) the dash lights come on, but it doesn’t even try to turn over.

The first time this happened I was able to fix it by unplugging the battery and plugging it back in. That worked for a few days, but then yesterday I had the same problem. This time when I unplugged and plugged the battery back in, the machine started up okay. But today when I tried to start it, no luck again.

Check fluid levels as low fluid levels can cause damage to the machine and other issues

Check fluid levels as low fluid levels can cause damage to the machine and other issues

If the washer is noisy during agitation, the spin basket may be hitting something inside the washer tub. Check for foreign objects inside the washer tub.

If the washer is noisy during the spin, it could be that the stabilizing feet are not touching the floor properly. Adjust the feet as needed to level out the unit.

If it’s difficult to open the lid on your top load washing machine, be sure to check for laundry or items trapped between the lid and base of the unit. This may prevent the lid from opening or closing properly and can also cause damage to your unit.

Check your water level switch – If you can hear a humming sound when your washing machine is in spin mode but is not getting any water, this likely means your water level switch is worn out.

Bobcat t770

Check fuel tank vent hose for blockage

The fuel system is divided into two circuits, one for the carburetor and one for the fuel injection system. Both circuits are equipped with a fuel pump, which delivers the gasoline to the carburetor or fuel injection system at the required pressure. The high-pressure circuit on the injection system is also equipped with a fuel return line, which leads back to the tank. This serves as an overflow line in the event that excess fuel is delivered.

The high-pressure fuel pump delivers fuel to the common rail at a pressure of approximately 1,800 psi. A fuel pressure regulator is located on top of the rail and controls the pressure by returning excess fuel back to the tank through a return hose.

As with all mechanical devices, wear and tear can cause problems over time. In some cases, hard starting conditions can be traced to a restriction in the vent hose between the tank and the charcoal canister, which is designed to reduce hydrocarbon emissions. A restricted vent hose will cause pressure to build up inside the tank and prevent the proper operation of both pumps. It may also cause engine stalling when operating at slow speeds or operating in stop-and-go traffic.

Check fuel tank for contamination

Several factors can cause diesel fuel contamination. Improper storage, fuel tank maintenance, and even a faulty fuel cap can all result in contaminated fuel.

What is Fuel Contamination?

Fuel contamination occurs when water or other foreign particles mix with diesel fuel. The most common way that water enters the fuel system is through condensation within the tank.

In addition to water, diesel fuel can also be contaminated by particulates that are not normally found in a diesel engine’s fuel tank. This can happen when previous users of the tank have used it to store other liquids.

Use a fuel filter with a water separator

I use one of these and I can tell you that in just the short time I’ve had it installed, it’s collected quite a bit of trash from my fuel tank. This is especially important if the boat has been left sitting for a while like mine was.

You don’t want to be running around at speed then suddenly have your engine die because of trash getting into the fuel line.

Fuel filters with water separators are relatively inexpensive and are available at most auto parts stores.

Repair or replace fuel lines if found damaged

Fuel line leaks are one of the most common and dangerous problems with any Bobcat equipment. Be sure to fully inspect all fuel lines for cracks and damage. Fuel lines can become damaged from debris, rocks, frozen ground, or other possible sources. If there is evidence of a leak, do not attempt to start your Bobcat machine. Always be sure to repair or replace fuel lines if found damaged

Check that the glow plugs are working properly and glow lights come on when you turn the key on

Check that the glow plugs are working properly and glow lights come on when you turn the key on.

If you have a code reader, read codes after 3 seconds of turning the key to ON. See if you get any errors related to the glow plug system.

I have seen many dead batteries due to leaving the machine running for days in cold weather, not idling high enough, or having a bad battery.

Ensure fast idle switch is off

Turn key to on position, push the fast idle switch down. Move throttle lever up and down. If the engine does not slow down, the fast idle switch may be stuck in the up position.

Check for any debris or foreign matter that may be restricting fast idle switch movement. If found, remove debris, and check for proper operation of the fast idle switch. If debris is not found, replace the fast idle switch.

Check all hoses, especially air cleaner hoses, intake hoses, and exhaust hoses to ensure no cracks or holes are present

Cracked or leaking Bobcat t770 hoses can cause loss of power. If you find a cracked Bobcat t770 hose, remove it and cut off the bad section. Install a clamp at one end of the repaired hose and install the other clamp over the other end of the repaired hose.

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