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Cat 330 excavator FAQ-2022

Cat 330 excavator FAQ can be very helpful for anyone who need to choose the right and appropriate excavator. I’ve spent several hours researching about it and now i want to share with you what i’ve found.

how to set up govener actuater on 330 cat?

1. Clean the governor actuator and the mounting surface of the actuator bracket.

2. Lubricate the o-rings on the actuator with clean engine oil and install into end cover.

3. Lubricate the o-ring on the adapter with clean engine oil and install onto actuator. Note: If this is a new unit, do not lubricate with oil; rather, use petroleum jelly (Vaseline).

4. Install adapter assembly on governor shaft by positioning the tabs on the adapter into slots in the governor shaft and push down until it snaps into place.

5. Install actuator bracket to engine block using original mounting hardware. Tighten bolts to 115 N*m (85 lb ft).

6. Make sure that controllable pitch propeller (CPP) bypass valve is in NEUTRAL position (if equipped).

7. Connect electrical connector to actuator assembly wiring harness plug at rear of timing case housing, making sure that plug locks in place when pushed onto actuator connector pin

how many ton can a cat 330 excavator lift?

To determine how many tonnes can a CAT 330 excavator lift, you need to know what the operating weight of the unit is. The operating weight of a CAT 330 excavator ranges from 49,500 to 53,800 pounds. The bucket lift capacity at full height ranges from 6,000 to 12,000 pounds.

The weight that an excavator can lift is calculated by subtracting the operating weight of the unit from the tipping load of the excavator at full height. The tipping load of a CAT 330 excavator at full height ranges from 30,300 to 36,200 pounds.

For instance, if you have a CAT 330 with an operating weight of 53,800 pounds and a tipping load at full height of 30,300 pounds, subtract the operating weight from the tipping load to get the lifting capacity in pounds.

(30,300 – 53,800) = -23,500

what is the recommended oil for a 330 cat?

The recommended oil for a 330 CAT engine is SAE 30 Weight. It is recommended that you use premium quality, multi-grade, diesel rated oil. While the engine is cold, check the dipstick to see where the oil level is. If it’s below the full mark you need to add more oil.

Cat® engine oils and coolants are developed, tested and approved to meet Caterpillar’s rigorous requirements. This results in high performance products with longer service intervals and extended component life.

The use of other engine oils may result in unsatisfactory engine life or performance, and can be harmful to internal components. In addition, Cat engines are designed to operate over a wide range of operating temperatures and speeds. The correct Cat engine oil for your application will provide excellent low temperature fluidity for fast cold weather starting, as well as good high temperature protection at full power operating conditions.

how much does a cat 330 bucket weigh?

It’s estimated that the original design of the Caterpillar 330 excavator came with a maximum operating weight of around 72,680 pounds or 32,852 kilograms. The weight of the bucket or attachment is always going to be dependent on which type you have installed, but a standard digging bucket for the CAT 330 will weigh about 1,600 pounds or 726 kilograms.

what is the shipping weight of a cat 330 excavator?

The shipping weight of a Cat 330 excavator is between 140,000 and 181,000 lbs. The model has a maximum operating weight of 183,000 lbs. Its unit shipping weight is 140,180 lbs., while the undercarriage shipping weight is 150,360 lbs.

The excavator was first manufactured in 1999. It has an engine power rating of 270-298 horsepower and an arm digging force of 22,414 lbs. The Arm Bucket Digging Force is 44,446 lbs., while the bucket capacity measures 1.9-6.1 cubic yards.

The unit’s boom length measures 13 feet, while its stick length measures 9 feet and 6 inches. The maximum pin height is 36 feet and its maximum reach at ground level measures 34 feet and 10 inches. Its tail swing radius measures 9 feet and 1 inch.

how many yards of dirt can a cat 330 bucket hold?

The bucket size is measured in cubic yards. This is the number of cubic yards of dirt or other material the bucket can hold. The actual capacity depends on what you’re putting in it.Water weighs 62.4 pounds per cubic foot, so a yard of water would weigh 3,764 pounds, or 1.88 tons. This is unit weight of water, which is used to calculate buoyancy forces when a submerged object displaces a volume of water equal to its own volume.

You can’t use this value as the weight of soil. It varies widely depending on the type and amount of mineral content in it, as well as how much water it holds. The same cubic yard could weigh 2 tons when completely dry, but only half that when full of water.

where do i fill transmission fluid on discovery 37u cat 330?

The transmission fluid on your Discovery is located in the engine compartment. It should be the only dipstick there. Just unscrew it and use a clean cloth to absorb the fluid. The dipstick should have a color range on it so you know how much to put back in.
The fuel filter is near the right hand front wheel well (if you are sitting in the driving seat). You will need a 10mm socket or spanner (I used a socket) and a flat head screw driver.

1) remove the plastic cover around the wheel well by prying up with the screwdriver
2) remove the 10mm bolt holding down that black plastic box thing where you can see some gauges (it is just above where you saw that little silver lid)
3) pull out that black plastic box thing and let it hang on its wire (you cannot get it off, don’t try!)
4) lift up that big black rubber thing that was underneath it (it’s heavy so be careful!)
5) there is probably a lot of dirt and leaves under there so clean them out if necessary
6) unscrew that silver lid with your hand or a pair of pliers
7) remove your old filter

how to change a/c/ compressor on 330 ob cat?

The air compressor is a small but important part of the air conditioning system, and automotive service technicians must be able to replace it. The compressor is located under the hood, usually on the passenger side at the front of the engine. You will have to do some work to remove other parts before getting to the compressor itself.

Disconnecting power from the battery is an important first step in replacing a car’s air compressor. Locate and disconnect the negative cable from the battery by loosening its bolt with a wrench.

Lift up and remove the air cleaner box. It is held in place by a metal band that wraps around it and attaches to a bracket on one side of the box. Remove this band by loosening its bolt with a wrench and sliding it off of its bracket. Lift up and out on one side of the box, then pull it out of its position above the engine.

Remove any hoses or other parts that are attached to or wrapped around the air compressor and set them aside. Use your set of ratchets, extensions and sockets to remove any bolts holding parts down or connecting them together, then slide off those parts and set them aside as well.

how to check fluids on a cat 330?

1. Open the hood on the Cat 330 by pulling the front latch and then lifting the hood up. The Cat 330 is a hydraulic excavator commonly used in construction.

2. Locate the fuel tank on the right side of the engine compartment and remove the fuel cap from the top of it with a screwdriver. Remove any debris from around the fill hole and then replace the cap.

3. Locate the radiator fluid tank on top of the radiator and check that it has enough fluid in it with a dipstick or by looking at how much fluid is visible through a fill hole, if applicable. Add more fluid if necessary to bring it to its recommended level for your model of Cat 330.

4. Locate the main hydraulic oil reservoir and open its cap, which is usually located on top of it or on a side panel, and check that there is enough oil in it with a dipstick or by observing how much oil is visible through a fill hole, if applicable. Add more oil as necessary to bring it to its recommended level for your model of Cat 330.

5. Open all four drain plugs on each corner of the machine with a wrench and let any dirt or debris drain out from each one as well as any.

how much is a 330 cat hydraulic loader?

A 330 Cat hydraulic loader would cost approximately $28,000.00 to $30,000.00 new depending on the location and what attachments are included with it.

how to change a fuel filter on a 330 cat engine?

The fuel filter on a Caterpillar 330 excavator is one of the most important parts of the diesel engine. The fuel filter keeps the fuel clean, preventing small particles from getting into the engine and causing damage.
Replacing the fuel filter on your Caterpillar 330 excavator is important to keep the engine running smoothly.
Step 1
Park your Caterpillar 330 excavator on level ground and turn off the engine. Put the bucket down and lower any hydraulic equipment to the ground so there is no tension on the hydraulic lines.
Step 2
Remove the six screws that hold the air filter in place with a screwdriver. Pull out the air filter, then remove any debris that may be inside it. Make sure all pieces are removed before putting it back in place.
Step 3
Remove the two bolts that hold the front cover in place with a socket wrench. Lift up on one side of cover and pull it away from its seal to lift it off of the housing. Remove any debris that may be inside it before placing it back on.
Step 4
Remove one bolt holding each side of top cover in place with a socket wrench and lift off top cover to expose fuel filters. Remove any dirt or debris from around cover opening with a rag before replacing cover later

Cat 330

Cat 330 excavators are some of the best heavy duty excavators in the industry. They can readjust to handle almost any job type no matter how delicate or how big. If you are considering buying a new excavator, then take a look at our simple and brief Cat 330 excavator FAQ.

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