komatsu PC170LC-11 excavators

Comprehensive Guide For Finding The Best Used Komatsu PC170LC-11 Excavators

There is no bigger investment than if you need to buy a new Komatsu PC170LC-11 excavator. After all, the costs of such equipment can be so high that many buyers have to think long and hard before making such a large purchase. Fortunately, there are sellers of used Komatsu PC170LC-11 excavators and these machines can be purchased at very attractive prices. But if you want to find the best priced used Komatsu PC170L-11 Excavator of them all, then you want to make sure and carefully consult some comprehensive guides for finding the best deals on used Komatsu PC170LC-11 excavators. I am going to outline here what I consider to be the key steps for finding the best deal on any used Komatsu PC170LC-11 excavator that can be found for sale today.

komatsu PC170LC-11 excavators-What All You Need To Know About Komatsu PC170LC-11 Excavators

The Komatsu PC170LC-11 is the latest upgrade of the popular PC170 excavators line. It has all the features of the original model but with a few improvements and additions. This is why it is one of the most sought after hydraulic excavators in the market today.

The Komatsu PC170LC-11 has an operating weight of around 17,600kg. This means that it is not as heavy as other models in its class and so it can easily maneuver around tight spaces and narrow roads. This makes it ideal for construction sites where there are no wide roads or parking lots. If you need to transport large amounts of materials to your work site, this machine can certainly help you get the job done without any problems.

The Komatsu PC170LC-11 also comes with a boom length of 11-meters which allows you to reach far distances without having to leave your vehicle. The boom length can be increased by adding additional equipment if needed. For example, if you want to dig deeper into the ground, you can attach an extension to the boom to make it longer than 11-meters.

komatsu PC170LC-11 excavators

komatsu PC170LC-11 excavators-How To Find The Best Deal On The Used Komatsu PC170LC-11 Excavators

The Komatsu PC170LC-11 excavators are a great value for the money you spend. The machine is easy to operate, has a great cab, can move more material in less time, and is comfortable to operate. The machine also has good power and speed. If you are looking for an excavator with all of these features, this is the one for you.

What makes this Komatsu so special? There are many reasons why people buy these machines. They are reliable and have a long life expectancy. They are also very versatile and can be used for a variety of applications. They have good power and speed and they can get into tight spaces without much effort.

If you want to buy a used Komatsu PC170LC-11 Excavators but don’t know where to start, here are some tips on how to find the best deal on the machine you want. You will need to decide what kind of features you want in an excavator before you begin your search. There are many different types of excavators available for sale on the Internet today.

komatsu PC170LC-11 excavators

komatsu PC170LC-11 excavators-Features Of Komatsu PC170LC-11 Excavators

KOMTRAX Technology

KOMTRAX keeps you informed of the status of your machine and provides a wealth of machine operating information to utilize for managing your fleet. The KOMTRAX Plus option also provides machine location, travel distance and fuel consumption information. KOMTRAX is standard equipment on all Komatsu Tier 4 construction machines.

Operator Comfort and Safety

The operator station is designed to maximize productivity with a spacious interior that provides plenty of leg room and an adjustable console with intuitive controls. The optically flat floor glass improves visibility to the side of the machine and a wide tempered glass door provides excellent visibility to the blade. A high capacity air conditioner is standard, as are a back-up alarm, horn, rotating beacon, fire extinguisher, seat belts and side view mirrors. Inside the cab, sound levels are low thanks to the sound absorbing material used in strategic locations and engine noise is reduced by the use of high efficiency mufflers.

To ensure easy service access, the hood can be raised without removing hoses or cables.

komatsu PC170LC-11 excavators-When it comes to working on large construction sites, excavators are the most important part. There are different types of these machines available in the market today, but when it comes to efficiency and reliability, none can compete with Komatsu PC170LC-11 Excavator.

There are several reasons why this excavator is better than its competitors. First of all, it is a lightweight machine which means that you can use it even in small areas where other machines cannot fit. Moreover, its new tail swing design allows the operator to work freely without worrying about hitting anything.

The Komatsu PC170LC-11 has a maximum digging depth of 12 feet and can easily dig through sand with ease as well as lifted up over objects such as trees or rocks without damaging them in any way shape or form whatsoever whatsoever whatever whatever.

komatsu PC170LC-11 excavators-Inspect The Tracks Of The Used Komatsu PC170LC-11 Excavators Well

The used Komatsu PC170LC-11 excavators are the most useful machines in the construction industry. You can easily operate these machines to clear heavy land without any problem. The contractors will be able to transport heavy materials to and from the work sites with ease. These machines are user-friendly and you can comfortably sit in the cabin for long hours. All you need to do is check all the components of the machine thoroughly before buying it.

Inspecting the tracks is one of the crucial parts when you buy a heavy equipment like excavators. There are various types of tracks available in the market, but you should choose the one which suits your job requirements. If you want to use your machine for small jobs, then you can go for rubber tracks which have a longer life span than other types of tracks. In fact, these tracks are mostly preferred by people who do not carry out heavy tasks on their job sites. You can even find a wide range of rubber tracks at an affordable price in many stores.

Checking the track tension is another important factor that plays an important role while checking these machines.

komatsu PC170LC-11 excavators-What’s The Difference Between A Low, Middle And High Hour Komatsu PC170LC-11 Excavator?

There are many things to consider when deciding to buy a used Komatsu PC170LC-11 excavator but hours is one of the most important factors. Hours can determine the price and value of the machine as well as its overall condition.

Low, Middle and High?

For example, a Komatsu PC170LC-11 excavator with 1,500 hours may be low hours but compared to a Komatsu excavator with 800 hours it would be considered middle hours. Compared to a Komatsu PC170LC-11 excavator with 2,500 hours it would be considered low hours. With the same example, 2,500 hours might be considered high hour but compared to a Komatsu PC170LC-11 excavator with 4,000 hours it is still middle hour. So what is considered low, middle or high hour?

komatsu PC170LC-11 excavators-The Komatsu PC170LC-11 provides a high level of quality and performance.

The excavator provides a maximum operating weight of 37,100 lb. and is powered by a Tier 4 Final-compliant Komatsu SAA6D107E-2 engine that delivers an operating weight of 85 hp at 2,000 rpm.

The PC170LC-11 features standard electronic monitoring system (EMS), which monitors engine functions and automatically adjusts engine speed to match load requirements, reducing fuel consumption by up to 20 percent compared to previous models. The EMS system also provides machine monitoring functions such as fuel level, operating hours and other critical data.

The cab features an updated monitor with improved visibility and an upgraded control pattern selection switch that allows the operator to customize the excavator settings according to specific job applications. The monitor shows critical information from the EMS system and allows the operator to change settings for travel speeds, attachments and auxiliary flow.

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