JCB 245XR excavators

JCB 245XR Excavator Specifications

The JCB 245XR Excavator is a small excavator that has been manufactured by JCB since the year 2000. It is very popular due to its premium specifications and high performance. The machine weighs in at 21,240 pounds and can operate with weights up to 2403 lbs. The wheel base of the excavator is 9 feet 6 inches and there are 3 axles with single tires in the front and back axles, with dual tires on the middle axle. The machine is able to handle a maximum digging depth of 19 feet and has a boom reach of 19 feet 6 inches. As for about its fuel consumption, it uses about 4.5 gallons of diesel per hour when in operation to excavate material at 3 mph over a maximum altitude difference of 1320 feet. About its wheel configurations the machine comes equipped with 8×8 faces on all three axles that are powered by 540 ZXL-C hydraulic drive bull gears along with hydraulic propulsion clutch running on Hydrocarbon hydraulic fluid (Gas Oil).

JCB 245XR excavators-The JCB 245XR is a versatile and powerful piece of machinery.

It has the power to handle difficult jobs in even the most extreme conditions. You can count on the JCB 245XR to do its job with speed, efficiency and reliability.

The JCB 245XR is a compact and lightweight excavator designed for construction and demolition work. The JCB 245XR is ideal for tight spaces where space is limited. The JCB 245XR offers excellent visibility and maneuverability in confined areas. As with all JCB equipment, this machine has been designed to be easy to operate and maintain.

The JCB 245XR is equipped with a turbocharged diesel engine that delivers high power for the size of the machine. This makes it well suited for a variety of tasks such as trenching, grading, backfilling, loading trucks and much more. The JCB 245XR has an operating weight of 9,900 pounds (4,490 kg) and maximum digging depth of 13 feet 10 inches (4.2 meters).

The JCB 245XR has a load sensing hydraulic system that maximizes productivity by providing proportional control of boom swing speed and bucket digging force according to load on the attachment.

JCB 245XR excavators

JCB 245XR excavators-Model: 245-85-11C

JCB 245XR is a compact excavator with a 6.5-tonne operating weight. This model is equipped with a JCB Ecomax Tier 3 engine, which produces 92 horsepower and has a net power rating of 81 hp. The JCB 245XR is powered by a 4 cylinder JCB 444 Ecomax engine that generates 92 horsepower and has a net power rating of 81 hp. This machine is located in – Ireland. On Mascus UK you can find JCB 245XR and much more other models of excavators. Details – Hours of use: 2,000 h.

JCB 245XR excavators-Engine Power: 82 hp

JCB 245xR Excavator Specifications. The JCB 245XR excavator is an 18,500-pound machine with a reach of 33 feet, 3 inches, and a dig depth of 25 feet, 4 inches. It has an 82-horsepower engine and a bucket breakout force of 17,000 pounds.

Engine Power: 82 hp

Operating Weight: 18,524 lbs.

Bucket Capacity: 0.54 yd3

Operating Weight: 18,524 lbs.

Bucket Capacity: 0.54 yd3

JCB 245XR excavators-Hydraulics system

Hydraulic System

The JCB 245 XR features a hydraulic system with a flow rate of 230.96 gpm and a working pressure at the pump of 3,937 psi. The hydraulic system on this excavator consists of two variable-displacement pumps and two gear pumps. The first variable displacement pump is used to power the swing drive, while the second is used to power the other hydraulic functions on this machine. The two gear pumps are used for powering the auxiliary hydraulics.

Travel Drive

The JCB 245 XR has a single travel motor that drives both tracks, which are 24 inches wide. This excavator moves at a maximum speed of 3.2 mph in forward and reverse positions.

JCB 245XR excavators-Swing System

Type: JCB planetary gearbox with built-in torque limiter.

Swing speed (rpm) 8.3

Swing torque ( 20,000

Swing brake: Wet, multi-disc brake fitted to the swing motor shaft.

Drive motors: Two variable displacement radial piston motors, one each for track drive and swing operation.

JCB 245XR excavators-Hydrostatic steering system


The hydraulic pump is a variable displacement piston pump, which delivers oil flow as required by the implement or steering system. The system is designed so that pump output automatically matches the required load. This results in both economical fuel consumption and excellent control in all operating conditions. The pump is driven via a splined shaft from the engine crankshaft. Pump flow is controlled by varying the position of the swash plate, which can be set at any angle between 0° and 20° to the drive shaft axis, by means of an electronically controlled servo motor.

Hydraulic System

The hydraulic system uses three pressure settings; two are selectable on the monitor and one is fixed. The default pressure setting (A) is suitable for most tasks and provides high productivity; this setting is used when no selection has been made on the monitor. Setting (B) provides the highest possible breakout force, but it has lower productivity compared to setting A; this setting must only be selected when maximum breakout force is required. Setting (C) provides maximum productivity with a reduced breakout force for very light operations such as bucket levelling; this setting cannot be selected on the monitor, but it will be used automatically under certain conditions such as low battery voltage or when using light hydraulic

JCB 245XR excavators-The specifications of the 245XR excavator.

The JCB 245XR is equipped with a four-cylinder turbo diesel engine that produces a maximum of 64 horsepower and 260 foot-pounds of torque. The engine complies with Tier 3 emissions regulations, meaning it produces fewer emissions than older models. The powerplant sits within a steel frame and is protected from the elements by a steel roll over bar and canopy.

The 245XR uses a hydraulic system to power the bucket, blade and other attachments. The hydraulic pump delivers 9 gpm of oil to the cylinders at 2,350 psi for fast and efficient movement. The hydraulic system also has an attachment quick coupler that installs or removes attachments in seconds without tools.

The JCB 245XR’s undercarriage consists of triple grouser pads on each track for traction on rough terrain. An optional gravel guard protects the undercarriage from damage when working in rocky areas. The machine’s hydraulically controlled tracks can turn through 360 degrees for tight maneuvering in confined areas.

The boom, dipper and bucket on the JCB 245XR are made from high tensile steel for strength without adding excessive weight to the machine.

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