JCB JS370 excavators

JCB JS370 Excavator Specs And Features

The JCB JS370 Excavator Specs And Features are capable of making it a safe and efficient choice for various construction projects. It can even work in sensitive site environment, due to its ability in producing low vibration. It gives precisely the required power from powerful engine, so that the operator can handle easily while working with heavy construction materials. The JCB JS370 Excavator Specs And Features is suitable for digging and excavating into different areas like hillsides, ditches, and gardens.

JCB JS370 excavators-Engine Power – 197 HP

Engine Power – 197 HP

Operating Weight – 44,700 lbs (20,260 kg)

Bucket Capacity – 1.8 yd3 (1.4 m3)

Dimensions A. Overall Length – 330 in (8400 mm) B. Width Over Tracks – 118 in (3000 mm) C. Height to Top of Cab – 122 in (3100 mm) D. Tail Swing Radius – 144 in (3658 mm) E. Ground Clearance – 15 in (381 mm) F. Counterweight Clearance – 37 in (940 mm) G. Track Gauge – 94 in (2388 mm) H. Track Length on Ground – 172.5 in (4385 mm) I. Undercarriage Length – 171 in (4350 mm) J. Undercarriage Width – 48 in (1220 mm).

JCB JS370 excavators

JCB JS370 excavators-Operating Weight – 56650 lbs

Bucket Capacity – 1.4 cubic yards

JCB JS370 excavators are designed for tough work in heavy-duty applications like scrap, quarry, demolition or construction. These machines are available with a wide choice of boom and arm configurations to suit your application.

And there’s no need to sacrifice power for performance, thanks to the JS370’s JCB EcoMAX engine. This machine also features an advanced hydraulic system for smooth control, and a cab designed for ultimate comfort.

The JCB JS220LC’s high-performance engine delivers excellent fuel economy, plus low noise and emissions levels. This Tier 4 Final machine is equipped with an advanced hydraulic system that boosts controllability and efficiency. Plus, it has a joystick-controlled adjustable anti-drift system (ADS) that gives you more control while digging on slopes.

The ergonomic cab on the JS220LC has been designed with operator comfort in mind, so you can work all day in total comfort. The spacious cabin has multiple storage compartments and large windows that provide excellent visibility all around the machine.

JCB JS370 excavators-Maximum Dig Depth – 19′ 7″

The JCB JS370 is the 13 tonne model in our heavy tracked excavators range. Fitted with a heavy-duty undercarriage and powerful hydraulic system, this model is designed for the heaviest applications. It provides the extra stability and power you need for working at maximum depth or with large attachments.

JCB JS370 excavators-Max Power At Lower RPM – Increased efficiency while maintaining performance

Our engineers have developed a way to increase the power output of your vehicle while still improving the efficiency. This is achieved by advancing the timing at low rpm and retarding it at high rpm.

The main advantage with this feature is the ability to maintain a lower rpm where the engine can produce a lot of torque. This helps maintain fuel economy at highway speed, or in stop and go driving conditions. The computer will automatically adjust itself based on whether you are accelerating or cruising.

It is common for drivers to manually shift down a gear when approaching an obstacle, such as pulling a trailer up hill, or accelerating onto a freeway. With our performance chip installed, you should be able to use normal throttle position and stay in the same gear. This will not only help with fuel economy but also wear and tear on your transmission.

Another benefit of advanced timing at low rpm is better throttle response due to increased torque.

JCB JS370 excavators-New Engine – EPA Final Tier 4 / European Stage IV engine technology

The JS370 is the largest tracked excavator in our range. It has been developed specifically for larger scale construction projects, mining and quarrying operations. It is extremely stable and highly productive, with a powerful engine and high breakout forces. The JS370 excavator has a spacious cab with excellent visibility, so you can work for longer in comfort.

JCB’s patented single boom design gives you greater reach and better clearance over obstacles. The JS370 also features JCB Dieselmax Technology, coupled with a six cylinder engine producing 383hp (285kW) of power at 2,200rpm. This results in higher torque to weight ratio, faster cycle times and reduced fuel consumption.

JCB engines are built in-house using advanced manufacturing techniques. This ensures maximum quality control and enables us to implement unique design features that enhance performance, lower fuel consumption and reduce noise levels.

JCB JS370 excavators-Transmission – Ecomax transmission provides optimal torque and response time to produce superior performance in all applications.

Weight – The lightest weight in its class allows for optimum maneuverability, while maintaining a high strength load platform.

Design – High-strength steel frame and a low center of gravity provide outstanding stability.

Pump – Variable piston pump delivers smooth, continuous flow with precise control.

JCB JS370 excavators-New High Strength Boom, Arm And Bucket Design – For increased strength and durability.

The R13000TC excavator is an advanced hydraulic excavator. It has a hydraulic pump, hydraulic motor, hydraulic cylinder and hydraulic control valve, etc. The working device of the excavator is composed of a boom, a bucket, an arm and a bucket rod. All these parts are connected with each other to form a working device structure.

The boom and arm are the main components of the working unit of the excavator. They are respectively installed at two sides of the lower part of the car body and connect with the upper rotating mechanism through the revolving joint.

JCB JS370 excavators-Belt-Driven Variable Speed Fan – Increases cooling efficiency and decreases noise with reduced fuel consumption.

The variable speed fan is designed to run at a lower RPM than the standard fan, saving you on fuel and emissions, as well as reducing noise. The fan will automatically adjust its speed based on engine temperature, which means it won’t cycle on and off like the standard fan. The clutch in the hub is designed to engage only when necessary. This part is for vehicles with factory air conditioning and an engine size of 4.8L/5.3L/6.0L/6.2L/7.0L.

JCB JS370 excavators-Auto Slope Function On Both Boom And Arm – Increased productivity and performance on slopes.

Productivity is improved by the auto slope function on both boom and arm. The auto slope function activates when the machine is set to a specific height. This improves productivity by allowing the operator to use both hands for control of the machine. It also increases safety by maintaining a consistent distance from the material being handled, even on slopes.

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