Komatsu PC138 vs Cat 314

How to Choose between a Komatsu PC138 vs Cat 314?

Have you been tasked to choose between a Komatsu PC138 vs Cat 314? This might sound like an easy task, but bidding is a very time consuming process. If you make the wrong choice you risk losing money, wasting time and damaging your reputation. Let me help you by providing you with the following information that you need to make an informed decision.

Komatsu PC138 vs Cat 314 Excavators |Dipper

Hey guys, today we’re going to be talking about the Komatsu PC138 and the Cat 314 excavators.

So, the main difference between these two is the size. The Komatsu is a 19 ton excavator and the Cat is a 21 ton excavator. So which one is better? Well, that depends on what you’re doing with it. If you’re doing any kind of digging in tight spaces or really small jobs, I would go for the smaller Komatsu over the Cat. If you’re doing large jobs like digging trenches or moving large piles of earth or anything really big, then I’d go for the Cat.

The other main difference between these two machines is the weight distribution. The Komatsu’s weight distribution is 60% on the front and 40% on the back while the Cat’s weight distribution is 50% on the front and 50% on the back. So why does this matter? Well, when you’re trying to dig in soft ground with a lot of rain or snow or water, you want as much weight as possible on your tracks to keep from getting stuck in mud or sinking down into it too far where you can’t get out without tearing up whatever’s below you (like concrete).

Komatsu PC138Cat 314
Dipper Length – Minimumft/in8 ft 2 in
Dipper Length – Maximumft/in9 ft 10 in9 ft 10 in

Komatsu PC138 vs Cat 314 Excavators|Driveline

We received a call from a company in the area who wanted to determine if replacing their Cat 314 Excavator with a Komatsu PC138 would make sense. They have had issues with their Cat having excessive downtime due to the undercarriage and other parts breaking. The owner was interested in buying new and he wanted to compare the Komatsu PC138 vs Cat 314 Excavators to determine his best option.

We brought them an excavator lift and weight test to perform on their 2014 Cat 314 Excavator. During the test we found that the excavator weighed 31,984 lbs, which is 1,016 lbs more than Komatsu’s specification of 30,968 lbs. We were surprised by this because our Cat 320D excavator weighs exactly what it is supposed to.

Having run this same test on numerous Deere, Kobelco and Hitachi excavators, we have always found that they are within 50 lbs or less of their listed weight. This is not always true for Caterpillar excavators; however, it is not uncommon for them to be over spec by 500-600 lbs. We do not know why this occurs but it does raise concerns about using aftermarket parts on Caterpillar equipment.

Komatsu PC138Cat 314
Emission RatingTier 4Tier 4/Stage V
Engine ManufacturerKomatsuCat
Number Of Cylinders4
Displacement Inches³199220
Engine Output – Net hp90.9108
Track Shoe Width inches2420

Komatsu PC138 vs Cat 314 Excavators|Dimensions

While the Komatsu PC138 and Cat 314 excavators are very similar, there are some noticeable differences as you take a closer look.

The Cat 314 looks a bit more “rugged” with the lines on the side of the cab; it also has more bolt heads on the upper structure. These two features give this machine a “beefier” look.

The Cat 314 has a more rounded, tapered hood that slopes down from front to back. The Komatsu PC138 has a flat-faced hood that comes to an abrupt stop at the back; it doesn’t taper nearly as much. This gives the Komatsu PC138 a more “streamlined” look, which gives it a sleeker appearance overall.

The Cat 314 has a wider cab than the Komatsu PC138. It’s not noticeable when looking at the machines head-on, but when you get close and see them side-by-side, there’s definitely more room in the Cat cab. There’s not much difference in legroom or headroom between them, though — both have enough room for an average-sized operator.

Both machines have almost identical operating weights: 28,335 pounds for the Komatsu PC138 and 28,700 pounds for the Cat 314.

Komatsu PC138Cat 314
Transport Height – Maximum ft/in10 ft 6 in9 ft 4 in
Transport Height – Over Boom ft/in9 ft 4 in
Overall Undercarriage Length ft/in12 ft 8 in11 ft 5 in
Zero TailswingMinimumNO
Dozer BladeOptionalOptional
Width over fixed tracks8 ft 6 in8 ft 6 in
Track Gauge ft/in6 ft 6 in6 ft 6 in
Dig depth-2.24m/8ft flat bottom ft/in17 ft 3 in19ft 1 in
Front Slew Radius – Mono Boom ft/in6 ft 6 in7 ft 4 in

Komatsu PC138 vs Cat 314 Excavators|Capacities

There’s not a huge difference in the maximum dig depth of the Komatsu PC138 and Cat 314 excavators. Both are around 18 feet, with the Komatsu just edging out the Cat with a maximum dig depth of 18 feet, 3 inches.

However, there is a noticeable difference in dump height. The Komatsu PC138 has a maximum dump height of 20 feet, 2 inches. The Cat 314 has a maximum dump height of 22 feet, 7 inches.

Overall, this should be considered negligible when it comes to selecting an excavator for your fleet. The real advantage comes in digging depth when you’re working on jobs like basements with limited overhang or deep trenches where you want to avoid having to install casing.

However, if you regularly work on jobs without overhang or need to manage shallow trenches, then you can benefit from the extra reach and dumping capacity offered by the Cat 314.

Komatsu PC138Cat 314
Fuel Tank gallons (US)52.849
Hydraulic Tank gallons (US)18.219

Komatsu PC138 vs Cat 314 Excavators | Performance

In the video below, we take a look at the performance differences between the Komatsu PC138 and Cat 314 Excavators.

We love to test out competing excavators and see which ones are better for our projects. We’re going to show you what we found with the Cat 314 vs Komatsu PC138.

These two machines are in the same 8-ton class – they run roughly the same size bucket, have similar horsepower and weigh about the same amount.

We’re going to compare the performance of these two machines side by side through three different tasks: digging, pushing and trenching.

Komatsu PC138Cat 314
Ground Bearing Pressure PSI5.49
Swing Speed rpm1112
Tractive Force lbf 27560
Dipper Tearout lbf 1389013330
Bucket Breakout lbf2094522180
Lift – Quoted With Bucket?NO
Total Flow gallons (US) / min6472.9

Komatsu PC138 vs Cat 314 Excavators|Weights

The Komatsu PC138 excavator is part of the well-known PC138 line. It weighs 34,700 pounds and has a bucket capacity of 0.75 cubic yards. Its net power is 70 horsepower, and its maximum digging depth is 17 feet.

The Caterpillar 314CLCR is part of Caterpillar’s C Series line, which it refers to as the “next generation.” It weighs 32,000 pounds and has a bucket capacity of 0.75 cubic yards. Its net power is 73 horsepower, and its maximum digging depth is 16 feet.

Komatsu PC138Cat 314
Operating Weight3467334000

Chose Komatsu PC138 vs Cat 314 Excavators

We’re excited that you’re interested in becoming a Komatsu owner and operator. We know you’ll be pleased with your choice, but we’d also like to make sure you know why so many people have chosen Komatsu over the years, and why they continue to do so.

Komatsu Construction Equipment offers an unmatched selection of market-leading construction equipment, backed by the best technical service and product support available. Whatever your job needs, our dealers are equipped to provide the right solution for you.

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