Komatsu PC210 vs Cat 323

The Best Excavator: Komatsu PC210 vs Cat 323

If you are looking to buy a used Excavator (and why wouldn’t you?) then you really do need to do your research. There are many things to consider when buying an excavator. My aim is to help you make what can be a difficult decision easier for you. In this article I will compare two Excavators: the Komatsu PC210 vs Cat 323, and ultimately tell you which one is the best Excavator for you.

Komatsu PC210 vs Cat 323 | Dipper

The Komatsu PC210 and Cat 323 are two of the most popular excavators in the world.

Both machines track well and handle well, but the Komatsu PC210 has a slightly tighter turning radius and tracks faster.

The Cat 323 is faster on the rise and has a higher operating weight than the Komatsu PC210. The Cat 323 also has a longer reach and higher dig depth.

Both machines have a long wheelbase, which helps with traction.

The Komatsu PC210 has 2,000 pounds more breakout force than the Cat 323. The Komatsu also has a lower ground pressure.

The Cat 323 is about 40 horsepower more powerful than the Komatsu PC210.

Komatsu PC210Cat 323
Dipper Length – Minimumft/in7 ft 4 in
Dipper Length – Maximumft/in6 ft 11 in

Komatsu PC210 vs Cat 323 | Driveline

The Cat 323 and Komatsu PC210 excavators both have a wide variety of machines that are ready for the next jobsite. These two manufacturers are known for their power, precision, and overall productivity. So which one is right for you?

Here’s a quick rundown of the Cat 323 and Komatsu PC210 specs:

The Cat 323 features a gross power of 162 horsepower, while the Komatsu PC210 has an output of 166 horsepower.

The Cat 323 has a larger swing speed at 11rpm compared to the PC210’s 10.2 rpm.

The 323 has a wider digging reach than the PC210 at 28 feet 8 inches versus 27 feet 5 inches.

The Komatsu PC210 is lighter than the Cat 323 with a weight of 48,400 pounds versus 53,100 pounds.

If you’re looking for other similar models from these brands, check out the Komatsu PC170 and Caterpillar 320 excavators.

Komatsu PC210Cat 323
Emission RatingTier 4Tier 4
Engine ManufacturerKomatsuCat
Number Of Cylinders34
Displacement Inches³149.5149.5
Engine Output – Net hp67.967.9
Track Shoe Width inches1818

Komatsu PC210 vs Cat 323 | Dimensions

Compared to the Cat 323, the Komatsu PC210 has a narrower width, so it will fit on narrower land and it will be more maneuverable on the site. The Komatsu PC210 is also shorter and lower which can make it easier to transport and work in tight spaces.

The Komatsu PC210 has a longer wheelbase than the Cat 323 which gives it more stability at high speeds.

The PC210 weighs a bit less than the Cat 323, but this won’t necessarily translate into a significant difference in performance, as it depends on several other factors as well.

Both machines have similar ground clearance – the lowest point from where they can climb over an obstacle, so both should perform similarly in rough terrain.

When climbing up slopes, the angle of departure is an important factor as it determines how steep of an incline can be climbed without bottoming out. In this regard, the Komatsu PC210 has a better angle of departure compared to the Cat 323 (37 degrees vs. 30 degrees).

Despite their differences in size and weight, both machines’ turning radius are within 5%, so you won’t notice any significant difference in their maneuverability on your jobsite.

Komatsu PC210Cat 323
Transport Height – Maximum ft/in 9 ft 8 in9 ft 1 in
Transport Height – Over Boom ft/in9 ft 8 in
Overall Undercarriage Length ft/in9 ft 6 in9 ft 6 in
Zero TailswingNOYES
Dozer BladeStandrdStandrd
Width over fixed tracks7 ft 8 in7 ft 7 in
Track Gauge ft/in6 ft 2 in6 ft 2 in
Dig depth-2.24m/8ft flat bottom ft/in14 ft 4 in13 ft 9 in
Front Slew Radius – Mono Boom ft/in6 ft 9 in9 ft 6 in

Komatsu PC210 vs Cat 323 | Capacities

Both the Komatsu PC210 and Cat 323 excavators are used in a wide range of construction projects. Each is a medium sized excavator with different features that make it better suited for various applications. You’ll want to carefully consider your needs before deciding on the right one for you.

The Komatsu PC210 and Cat 323 excavators have similar capacities, weights and horsepower. A major difference between them is the boom/stick combination they are equipped with out of the factory. Below we’ll take a look at some of these differences and how they might affect you and your business.

Komatsu PC210Cat 323
Fuel Tank gallons (US)3333
Hydraulic Tank gallons (US)14.814.8

Komatsu PC210 vs Cat 323 | Performance

The Komatsu PC210 has a higher operating weight and more horsepower than the Cat 323. The Komatsu PC210 has a bucket breakout force of 30,708 lbs while the Cat 323 has a bucket breakout force of 29,000 lbs. The difference in operating weight is 200 lbs. The Komatsu PC210 has a net power of 161 hp while the Cat 323 has a net power of 155 hp.

The Komatsu PC210 and Cat 323 both have a maximum digging depth of 20′ 4″.

Both the Komatsu PC210 and Cat 323 have an arm crowd force of 17,946 lbs but the Komatsu PC210 has an arm crowd force per foot of 1.51 psi while the Cat 323 only has an arm crowd force per foot of 1.37 psi.

Komatsu PC138Cat 314
Ground Bearing Pressure PSI5.25.54
Swing Speed rpm1010
Tractive Force lbf 1530915040
Dipper Tearout lbf 77568161
Bucket Breakout lbf1378113781
Lift – Quoted With Bucket?NONo
Total Flow gallons (US) / min44.442.2

Komatsu PC210 vs Cat 323 | Weights

This is a very important piece of information to know when it comes to operating these machines. The Komatsu PC210-10 weighs in at 40,855 lbs while the Cat 323D L weighs out at 43,532 lbs. If you have the same engine on these machines, which you would expect, then the difference is 2,677 lbs!! This can make a BIG difference when it comes to weight restrictions and applications.

Another thing to think about is that the Komatsu PC210-10 has a full counterweight while the Cat 323D L does not have one and relies on the bucket/thumb as part of its counterweight. The problem with this is if you use a thumb for your application then you will be tipping the scale in favor of the Cat 323D L.

So if you are limited on weight restrictions, but want power in your excavator then I would definitely go with the Komatsu PC210-10.

Komatsu PC210Cat 323
Operating Weight1748319224

Chose Komatsu PC210 vs Cat 323

I am not an expert when it comes to the differences between a Komatsu PC210 and the Cat 323. My experience with these machines is very limited and consists of working with older Cat 315s, 315Ls and older Komatsu 210s. I have never run the newer models, so I am speaking from what I have seen over the years.

I was talking to a friend who has worked for a local equipment dealer for years and he started asking me about differences in their equipment. He’s worked on all brands and he asked me if I could tell him some differences between them. I gave him answers based on what I know of their older models.

The most noticeable difference that I could think of is the way they swing. The Cat machines seem to have more of a floaty feel when you swing, especially if you are digging in soft dirt or something similar, but it doesn’t seem like they swing as fast as some of the other brands. Komatsu seems to swing faster, but maybe not as freely. The Hitachi machines in my area seem to swing the fastest, but they don’t seem to float as much as the Cat machines do.

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