JCB JS190 excavators

Introducing the New JCB JS370 Excavator

For the last few decades, excavators have been vital for more efficient and quicker construction projects receiving a new epithet of ‘engineering marvels’. Today, however, with continuous advancement in technology, the JCB JS370 excavator boasts a whole new set of features that makes it one of the most modern engineering marvels to date.

JCB JS370 excavators-The Large Excavator for Large Jobs

The JCB JS370 is the largest tracked excavator in our range and the perfect choice for large scale construction projects where high performance and productivity are required. This machine benefits from a powerful engine with increased hydraulic performance, plus a larger cab with improved visibility and operator comfort.

Large excavators are ideal on large-scale jobsites and have been used extensively in various sectors such as mining, quarrying and aggregates. We have a wide range of additional attachments to complement your excavator purchase, including breakers, compaction plates and rippers for example.

JCB JS370 excavators

JCB JS370 excavators-JCB Excavators Are Built for Reliability, Durability and Comfort

JCB tracked excavators are the best-in-class range of heavy duty excavators with huge production capacities. Powerful engines and flexible hydraulic systems deliver maximum performance while reducing emissions and fuel consumption.

JCB Tracked Excavators are the best-in-class range of heavy duty Excavators with huge production capacities. Powerful engines and flexible hydraulic systems deliver maximum performance.

The JCB JS370 is the largest excavator on tracks in our range and has been developed to meet the highest expectations of customers working in the heavy segment of the construction industry.

Outstanding reliability, durability and ease of maintenance make JCB machines trusted across farming, mining, quarries, construction, waste management and many other industries.

JCB JS370 excavators-JCB JS370 Excavators Take Safety and Efficiency to the Next Level

JCB’s new JS370 Excavator is the latest addition to the company’s growing family of heavy equipment offerings.

The JS370 is well-suited to a wide range of applications, including residential and commercial construction, demolition, roadwork, pipeline work and more. These excavators are engineered to give operators more confidence and comfort during operation with a suite of safety features that far exceed industry standards.

The JS370 comes equipped with JCB’s exclusive LiveLink telematics system. The system provides real-time information on the machine’s performance and location, as well as fuel consumption, idle times, service alerts and diagnostic codes. A remote shutdown feature helps ensure the reliability of these machines by allowing operators to shut down their engines quickly when a problem is detected.

Onboard software allows users to store up to 10 custom machine configurations that can be recalled at any time by simply pushing a button on the keypad. This allows users to quickly adjust their machines’ settings for different tasks without having to perform tedious manual adjustments each time they change jobs.

Smart Boom System technology also allows operators to automatically adjust their excavator’s boom configuration based on the task at hand. This reduces operator fatigue significantly while improving productivity and reducing fuel costs.

JCB JS370 excavators-The New JCB JS370 Excavator Is Available Now

The JS370 is the most intuitive, user-friendly and reliable excavator in this class. It has a powerful Cummins Tier 4 Final engine and an intuitive, user-friendly control system.

The JS370 is the largest, most powerful excavator in our range. It’s designed to be safe, easy to operate and comfortable for the operator. That’s why the JS370 comes with a high-back air suspension seat and adjustable armrests as standard.

The JS370 has a maintenance-free Tier 4 Final engine that meets strict emissions standards without compromising on power or torque. The engine also has low fuel consumption and a new diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) muffling system that cuts noise levels.

It’s powered by a 110 hp (82 kW) Cummins QSB4.5 diesel engine that meets Tier 4 Final emissions standards without compromising on power or torque. The JS370 comes standard with a closed center load sensing hydraulic system (CLSS) and axial piston pumps for improved performance, efficiency and controllability at all speeds. It also features an automatic two-speed travel system that lets you switch between high speed (8 mph) or low speed (5 mph).

JCB JS370 excavators-Make your jobs easier with these advanced excavators.

The JCB JS370 Excavator is the largest excavator we have introduced to our customers. You can choose between an engine and a hydraulic pump that are both powered by a turbo-charged diesel engine. The JS370 comes standard with a climate controlled cab, integrated joystick controls, and proportional control auxiliary hydraulics. You can use these control features to operate attachments such as hammers, thumbs, and crushers.

You’re going to love the new JS370 Excavator because it comes with many advanced features that make it easier for you to do your job:

The JS370 is designed with a 360 degree camera system that allows you to see all around the machine from the cab.

The 360 degree camera system is integrated into the 7 inch side display, which also shows you how much fuel the machine has left and operating information about any attachments you’re using.

You can control all of the features of your machine from inside its comfortable climate controlled cab.

Operating this powerful machine will feel natural to you because it’s designed around human ergonomics.

JCB JS370 excavators-Tier 4 Final Engine, Fuel-Saving Technologies Lead Improvements

The new JS370 excavator from JCB is the first machine in its size class to feature a Tier 4 Final engine and meet EU Stage IV emissions standards.

The JS370 also features a number of fuel-saving technologies, including an EcoMax engine, JCB’s TorqueLock system and Auto Idle Advance technology. With these improvements, the JS370 can be up to 15 percent more fuel efficient than its predecessor.

“The new JS370 excavator delivers increased productivity and excellent fuel economy,” said JCB North America CEO John Patterson. “This is particularly important for customers who are operating machines in urban environments because of the reduction in emissions.”

The JS370 features a 93-horsepower JCB EcoMax Tier 4 Final engine that can reduce fuel consumption by up to 15 percent when compared to previous Tier 3 engines. The machine also features a high-pressure common rail fuel injection system, a high-performance turbocharger and an exhaust gas recirculation valve for better fuel efficiency.

JCB’s TorqueLock system automatically adjusts engine power based on hydraulic load. When the hydraulic system is working hard under load, the engine automatically increases power to maintain hydraulic flow and prevent stalling.

JCB JS370 excavators-The JS370 Excavator’s enhanced features and ergonomics will improve your productivity and your bottom line.

When you’re working on big construction jobs, productivity is a critical factor to your bottom line. And since downtime can be a big expense, choosing a machine that’s easy to operate and maintain is important.

That’s where the JCB JS370 Excavator can help. With its enhanced features and ergonomics, this excavator helps improve your productivity and minimizes downtime.

Here are some of the JS370 Excavator’s most significant benefits:

Improved productivity for maximum profitability. The JS370 Excavator has a Tier 4 Final engine that makes it more fuel-efficient than previous models — up to 15 percent more efficient for units with hammer or shear attachments. The machine also features an industry-leading swing torque of 3,920 foot-pounds (5,330 Newton meters), which decreases cycle times by 30 percent when compared with previous models.

Reduced maintenance costs for peace of mind. A new filtration system increases the life of hydraulic components, reducing the need for routine maintenance and associated labor costs. The new transmission also extends service intervals and reduces the cost of ownership.

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