PC210LC-11 WH Excavator

komatsu PC210LC-11 WH Excavator – Small but Powerful

The komatsu PC210LC-11 WH Excavator – Small but Powerful is the equipment excavators for exploring in the venture like mines, construction and infrastructure, river, open pit remove and so forth. It was initially intended to be utilized by one operator, yet now it is utilized by two operators. It has a predominant part of its weight on its nose which makes it fit to cut through sand and give more effect to work planes. The upper piece of the machine will be changed when executing different undertakings which regularly ranges from 11 to 19 feet.

komatsu PC210LC-11 WH excavators-What is the Komatsu PC210LC-11 WH Excavator?

The Komatsu PC210LC-11 WH Excavator is a machine used to dig the ground, usually with a rotating bucket on the end of an articulated arm. Excavators are used in building construction, road construction and other areas where soil or rock must be removed. In some cases, excavators are also used for lifting heavy loads and moving them over short distances.

The Komatsu PC210LC-11 WH Excavator has a reinforced boom and arm structure, which is designed to provide exceptional durability and stability for heavy drilling applications. The machine has a compact radius that allows it to work within tight working environments. It is equipped with an easy-to-read LCD monitor that allows operators to easily identify the load status of the machine at any time during operation. It also features an optional camera system that provides visibility from the operator’s seat during operation.

 PC210LC-11 WH Excavator

komatsu PC210LC-11 WH excavators-What are its Dimensions?

This excavator measures 19 feet long by 7 feet wide by 10 feet tall. It has a maximum digging depth of 12.6 feet and can reach up to 18.8 feet in height. The swing speed is 9.6 rpm and the travel speed is 3 mph. It comes standard with a 10-foot stick length, along with many other features for convenience and reliability.

Payload Capacity

The payload capacity for the Komatsu PC210LC-11 WH Excavator is 3,527 pounds. This provides users with the ability to move heavy materials quickly and easily without having to make multiple trips back and forth from the jobsite to the work site.

The shovel’s lifting capacity is 2,150 lbs., which means that it can be used for many different applications such as digging holes or moving dirt around on top of other materials like concrete slabs or bricks without causing damage to them due to its high weight.

komatsu PC210LC-11 WH excavators

komatsu PC210LC-11 WH excavators-How Powerful is it?

The excavator comes with a Tier 4-F engine that uses a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) to expel exhaust gases. This means the engine is environmentally friendly. The engine is also powerful and consumes less fuel, making it highly efficient.

The Komatsu SAA6D107E-1 turbocharged diesel engine has a direct injection system and a displacement of 6.7 liters. It has six cylinders, which provide the power needed to run the excavator. This model has an operating weight of 20,600 pounds and a maximum dig depth of 20 feet 2 inches.

It has an arm breakout force of 20,942 pounds and bucket digging force of 26,851 pounds. These features make it ideal for lifting heavy objects and performing tough jobs. The PC210LC-11 WH Excavator has a maximum travel speed of 4 miles per hour in high range and 1 mile per hour in low range.

The smooth hydrostatic transmission makes it easy to control the machine when traveling at low speeds or when performing complicated tasks. The transmission also makes the machine easier to maneuver in tight spaces while still providing enough power for all the heavy work you need to do.

komatsu PC210LC-11 WH excavators-Who is the Komatsu PC210LC-11 Designed for?

Komatsu designed the PC210LC-11 for contractors and demolition teams looking for a machine that’s small enough to work in tight spaces yet powerful enough to accomplish large tasks.

This is why the PC210LC-11 features a compact design with a short tail swing radius, coupled with a hydraulic system that provides efficient performance with lower fuel consumption than comparable machines.

The PC210LC-11 also features an ergonomic cab and electronic monitoring systems that make it easy to operate and monitor, both of which reduce operator fatigue. All of this makes the Komatsu PC210LC-11 an excellent choice for operators who need to use their machine over long periods of time or on challenging projects.

komatsu PC210LC-11 WH excavators-What Benefits Does the Komatsu PC210LC-11 Offer?

You can count on the PC210LC-11 to finish the job because it’s built to work as hard as you do. This model of Komatsu excavator is built to last, and it offers a number of features that make it an ideal tool for commercial contractors.

One of the biggest benefits of the PC210LC-11 is its heavy-duty components that are built to stand up to the harshest conditions. The undercarriage is made with high tensile steel, and its track system includes large rollers and idlers. The track system is also sealed with a rubber boot that helps keep debris out, so you can work in muddy or sandy conditions without worrying about damaging your machine.

The Komatsu PC210LC-11 also comes with a spacious cab that gives you plenty of room to move around while you’re working. It has a large windshield that gives you an excellent view of the area where you’re digging, and its ergonomic controls let you switch between different functions quickly and easily.

The hydraulic system on this model is designed for smooth operation and maximum power, so you can tackle any project with ease. It also has less internal leakage than other excavators in its class, which means you’ll use less fuel while you’re working.

komatsu PC210LC-11 WH excavators-Does the Komatsu PC210LC-11 Have Any Downside?

The Komatsu PC210LC-11 excavator comes with a variety of features that many contractors will appreciate. This excavator comes with a number of improvements over previous models.

These improvements include:

A comfortable cab that offers an increased field of view. The cab also features new heating and air conditioning controls.

The backfill blade is nearly ten inches wider than previous models, which makes them more useful for leveling out land or pushing dirt.

The digging boom has been increased in length, allowing the arm to reach further from the base of the excavator.

However, there are a few downsides to this model that contractors should consider before investing in a Komatsu PC210LC-11 excavator. While each of these downsides is minor compared to the overall benefits offered by this excavator, they are important to consider when determining whether or not this is the right model for your business.

komatsu PC210LC-11 WH excavators-Komatsu’s PC210LC-11 WH Excavator is a super-powerful, versatile piece of heavy equipment.

The company has made excavators for construction and demolition work for decades, and the latest version of this model is more powerful, durable and easier to operate than previous iterations.

The machine comes with an adjustable armrest, improved visibility, a “smooth” control pattern option, and an EPA Final Tier 4 emissions standard-compliant engine. It was unveiled in mid-October at MINExpo in Las Vegas.

The excavator has a maximum dig depth of 20 feet, 11 inches, and maximum reach of 33 feet, 5 inches. Its net horsepower is 120 HP (89 kW), and its operating weight is between 47,000-49,606 pounds (21,319 to 22,485 kilograms).

komatsu PC210LC-11 WH excavators-The PC210LC-11 WH comes with a machine-mounted Hammer/ Shear kit and selectable auxiliary hydraulics.

The PC210LC-11 WH comes with a machine-mounted Hammer/ Shear kit and selectable auxiliary hydraulics. The WH kit is designed to mount the hammer on the linkage; with no need for a separate mounting bracket. Weighing in at just over 8400 lbs, this 22,130 lb operating weight excavator features an Isuzu engine producing 111 hp at 2,000 rpm. The PC210LC-11 WH delivers smooth control and excellent handling that are essential to precise job performance and reduced fatigue.

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